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  • Matt Green (Petrol)

    Awesome bike

    Bike in very comfortable
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Worst bike

    Very low pickup and hard Suspension If u r riding this bike u will get back pain soon. Youngsters dont buy this bike.definitely u will get spinal problem.
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  • Rear Disc (Petrol)

    Yamaha fz s fi V2.2 rear disc,,

    Bike always mass, This version Fuel injection is good, but petrol ON-OFF indicator not available, Its really bad in our good timing,, Lot of time i struck in road without petrol, Display speedo meter shows wrong,, Yamaha team not answer my problem,, i cant check the mileage of bike, Mud guard not available , it leads to chain rust & break. before 1st service my SELF button system failure
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  • Very good city bike..Quite powerful. Enough styling.

    Swapnil Patel
    My Fzs gives 56kmpl and I hav cheked this many a times. Its is too good in styling. It uas good grip on road.
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    • 23-Sep-27 03:24 PM
      Sir, My name is Aseervadam from kakinada, AP, I Want Yamaha FZ bike 2017 model Bike , that model bike stopped , atleast some bikes in company, so, I want purchase FZ Bike please give details.Ph No.7013857799
    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      Hi Swapnil, is there any condition on which the bike gives that much mileage to you?? for me it comes arround 35-40. Till now the maximum I got was 48 kmpl when I drove the whole distance at 50-60 kmph speed.
  • Boku bike

    Saurav kumar palo
    All are sensor system its nt be good if petrol get dry then it will be charged 2500 charged.first fz is better then 2.0 FI model..so i suggest dont buy this bike
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  • Darknight (Petrol)

    Feedback about Yamaha Bike FZ-s, Warranty

    Rajiv Tanwar
    Dear All. It's about your Fare Yamaha Policy we Are Facing to much Mental Harassment by you're representative. This Is Not First Time for me, because every time You And You're Sidharth Auto Workshop/ Yamaha Engineer doing same thing with customers. Since first day Using ur FZS I am facing this type of warranty issues from your Workshop's/warranty policy. They're always playing Ping-pong game with me (customers). Is is called World-Class Brand and world class Customer Service in India. According to my experience since June 2016. What I seen In your Workshop's. In my word's it's Like Hell for us who are using your Two Wheeler in my city. What I am getting from your side after all service's done by you're workshop and after using all Genuine accessories in your Yamaha FZ-S. what I am getting fake warranty commitments. because Every time I have to fight with Your Team for warranty. I have to suffer with to much mental harassment for getting solution. This complaint against you're Engineer ( Mr Raju Pathak) I am not able to avail warranty. DUE TO few lines which made by me on Rusting area on mafler ( Silencer ) it's really Bakwas I have to send That pictures to your representative Mr Sandeep Srivastava (he is like god for my FZ-s) for asking about Rusting policy. or Today only because this line's warranty is declined. ye nazer nhi aa rha us ko front wheel cover( mudguard) size is too short jo mein problem create kar rha h. due to your design its happening. this mudguard made by you not me. this Rusting issue only because small size of mudguard and low quality of mafler (Silencer). Mr Raju Pathak tolking about Fare Yamaha Policy. Today I will tell you you guys what I am getting under your Fare Yamaha Policy. 1. Within 7 days of delivery of FZ-S(bike) You're Sidharth auto workshop replace Both Side fuel tank covers due internal cracks..if same one ask you what kind of quality your using for it. It's a world class quality. 2. Your workshop give me my bike FZ-s RC Copy after 5 mouths. after so many complaint's/Phone calls/so many rounds to ur showroom. it's a world class service. 3. Your Sidharth Workshop replace Front mudguard. Just because they break it time of service. N reply me that Already break when they receive my FZS for service. It's a world class quality of service. 4. Your workshop replace my Chain Set. It's just because not fit properly. It's A world class company service. 5. Due to Bakwas (low) quality of your Both wheel's replace after 3 service and it's not under warranty it's against my insurance policy. it's happened Because your wold class quality MRF tiers. 6. It's happened because low air pressure in company fitted MRF tiers. Automatically air pressure reducing with-in week, nothing is done till today for this low air pressure issue. 7. Due to this you're workshop done a great job they replaced Band Front Wheel in my bike. due to that Front Break Plate over hitting issue with my Bike FZ-s and no one is understand my problem. workshop change break disc pad and i pay for it. But OVER HEAT ISSUE IS STILL Same. 8. After so many complaint and phone call after facing too much mental harassment Yamaha Team (Mr Sandeep Ji) replace Front Wheel, Break plate, Handle T, etc in my Yamaha FZ-S, then that OVER HEAT ISSUE IS resolve. This Is Called World Class Company Service. 9. Your Yamaha workshop change my Lock set after so many complaint. just because they're use oil in it after washing, resulting key not fit properly. after to many complaint's it's replaced. This is called World-Class Service yar 10. Your Sidharth Yamaha, A workshop Loose My Handle. too much, so went to B workshop They tight too much so I went to third workshop they charge me they replaced same goili in handle. apne ap karab karo fir tik karne ka payment le lo. Great Job. It's A Fare Yamaha policy. so what u think is this really world class brand????? Let's talk about today Again I am facing too much mental harassment Just because you're Engineer Fare Yamaha Policy. According to Him I Have to Put You Bike In Show case In my bike ( Inside the glass ). so then customer's are applicable for warranty. It's World Class Brand Yar We Have to Take Care Is Abroad. Sir We are Indian we don't have World Class road in my Area/City/State. Due to your bakwas parts quality/ Design we (customer's) are facing this type of problem And On the Name of Fare Yamaha Policy you're wasting customer's time and harassing me every me every time. This My Last complaint to you Guys Short-out this Issue, otherwise I Have to File a Mental Harassment Case against Yamaha motor Pvt Ltd. and your workshop Ms Sidharth Auto Services Gurgaon 122001 in Consumer Court. Regards.
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  • Good

    Good Super Pickup
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  • yamaha FZS FI ( Dark Knight )

    Suresh Bobale
    I purchased this bike in June 2017. its full paisa vasul bike. i got 55-60 average in city. its look is avesome, comfortable for riding..if you want to buy yamaha fzs fi please go ahead... its really good bike. if you want to get good average then follow below method. 1. Shift Gear 1st gear for 0-10, 2nd gear speed upto 10-20, 3rd gear speed 20-30, 4th gear speed 30-40 and 5th gear speed 40- 115 ride this bike on ECO mode.
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    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      thanks bro for your positive review i had a plan to buy this Dark night Edition I just Love Yamaha
  • STD (Petrol)

    Nice bike

    Akshay Sharma
    Ride quality is good. Road grip is too good Mileage is also not bad, looks are just the thing that tempts you to buy this bike . Suspension are so soft that small potholes and humps aren't even felt. Engine is refined and has an average punch, but the appreciable point her is it's throttle response, it reaches around 40 to 45 kmph in 1st gear in a very short span.
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  • Awesome Bike,

    Hi friends i bought a Yamaha Fzs Version 2 on Sep 2017, Very good Performance and Stability with City and Highway ride, You can Trust and buy this bike, Average Millage level 45 to 50 Kmpl, i really enjoying with performance, Little bit service side worst response, Otherwise good for daily commute. THank you
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  • Rear Disc (Petrol)

    Thik thak haii

    Shikhar Tripathi
    Speed 60+ me vibrations aate hai Breaking thoda aur behtar kariye ...aur. Gear shift acha nhi hai.....
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  • Plg give me help

    Bhanuprasad Reddy
    Hi my name is Bhanuprasad reddy am search for new bike for yamaha S version 2.0 firstly how much amount will be paid. It clearly explain sir plg. This site EMI Cost for 2918 for 36months may be 1 lakh 5000 thousand change coming 1stly(down payment) am how much amount will be paid
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Bad pickup and bad suspension

    Worst bike and service support also very bad
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  • STD (Petrol)

    I really love fz

    FZ v2.0 gives an mileage of 50 to 55 and it makes a full control with me
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  • 50000

    Gadi kis par Lena Chahte Hain Cash payment50000
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  • STD (Petrol)

    lvly one

    Chethan Gowda
    compire onther company bike some bike are200 CC my fzs v2 is better comfort & compitate & road grip& avvidness &most important pick is vry gud love this on bike I love yamaha????????????????????????
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  • Worst bike fz25

    Really one of the worst bike ever I drive .last one and half year I’m driving .. really very difficult handle ths bike if u go even 60km speed .. Incase u put sudden break (back ) bike sikkiting like heroHonda 150 . And second thing just one half year cmplt I for bike ..nt complt two years even .. bike cost is 1.38 lake on road price when I was buy . Why I’m coming to tell ths every sparespot even silencer(front near above engines )and near spark plug and bolts getting rust .. I’m totally disappointed..I need to put complaints to against this every spare spots not worth .. if really any one need prove I ll show it . Is it possible to reclaim ?..i need to chnage which rust spare parts .
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  • Rear Disc (Petrol)


    Dinesh gouad
    I am virar West BABA got
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Great Bike

    This bike is full paisa vasool
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