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  • ABS (Petrol)

    Dhanmoni Borah

    Dhanmoni Borah Aug 25, 2019 12:55 PM
    Royal Enfield bullet 350
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  • STD (Petrol)


    Anupam Aug 25, 2019 01:07 AM
    Siraaaa owsmm ghaint bike luv
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    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      sir my dream bullet .price also very highlly how to solve my dream
  • ES (Petrol)

    The king ride

    Anup Aug 24, 2019 03:12 PM
    I am riding bullet electra since 2014. It has got reliability issues but it’s because of poor service of RE. Like all other brands they are just into money making and i also doubt about the knowledge and skills of their mechanics. The best solution is to look out for bullet specialists (yes these guys exist) in your neighbourhood. These guys are literally doctors of bullet. And if u ask them , they will also teach you basic troubleshooting and repair for your bull. I did my first servicing at authorised service centre and then i never visited them. Its not that i had bad experience but i got gut feeling that these guys are simply not competent to repair a bullet. Its also because they have loads and loads of customers. So obviously the quality of service goes down. So i took advice from few elders who own a old bullet and i got a very good doctor for my bull. So my advice to those who are hating RE or their bike is to find a very good bullet specialist. Next important thing is your riding style. I owned a unicorn before but the bullet is totally different from these refined and quick 150-250 cc bikes. In the beginning i missed the quickness of unicorn. I tried it with bullet but it cost me oil leak from the engine. I learned that bullet is not designed for that purpose. Bullet is popularly known as “raja gadi” The kings ride. And yes it is. Don’t buy a bullet if you are always in a hurry. My daily commute is max 25 km and hence never in a hurry. When i go touring my max speed is between 75-80. Some guys might laugh. But comeon guys. Its touring. Destination is not important. The journey is. Or to be specific “enjoying the journey “. The ride is very comfortable both on highways and offroads. The sitting position is the best. No bike offers such comfortable upright position. Overall i would like to end my review by saying that bullet is for those who enjoy the journey rather than those who are in a hurry to reach destination. Plastic bikes come and go. I have never seen anyone still caring for or proudly displaying their 1st pulsar or the 1st unicorn. But i have seen guys proudly displaying their “1978 bullet” or the “1980bullet” etc. etc. etc. so bullet is not just a bike. Its cult. Its a legacy.
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  • Wonderful Bike

    Sunny Sarkar Aug 22, 2019 09:37 PM
    Really wonderful bike with cheap rate ????????
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  • Trials Works Replica (Petrol)

    Standerd 350

    Jacob Aug 19, 2019 06:32 PM
    I never sugest standerd 350 bike. I was purchased new one from kaizen motors ernakulam. From the begining also starting truble. After second service the same repeating.. one day the 4month old bike breakdown road side because of battery failure. I was also paid for 4year road side assistance, the customer care people said no technision availabile. Very bad dealing, bike conditions vey poor. Never never sugesting any of this brand
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  • ES ABS (Petrol)

    Electra with ABS

    rahul Aug 19, 2019 06:32 PM
    Recently bought magical black Electra 350 with ABS after waiting for 3 months. The byke is awesome both look wise and performance wise. only thing missing is rear disc break.
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