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Revolt RV400

Expected Launch : Aug 2019
Expected Price : ₹ 1 - 1.3 Lakh
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The Revolt RV 400 is the first electric motorcycle from Revolt Intellicorp Private Limited, and is described as India’s first motorcycle which has artificial intelligence. The Revolt RV 400 has only been unveiled and price, specifications and other details will be revealed once the RV 400 is officially launched. The Revolt RV 400 has a claimed range of 156 km on a single charge from its swappable lithium-ion batteries, with a top speed of 85 kmph. The RV 400 will come with three different riding modes – Eco, City and Sport, with Sport mode offering a range of around 60 km.

Revolt promises a dedicated battery recharging and swapping network, and the RV 400 will also have an on-board charger to charge the bike on a conventional 15 A power socket. A portable charger will also be provided, and the battery can be easily removed for recharging at home or the workplace. A dedicated Revolt mobile app will show features like battery range, remote starting, bike location, real-time riding information, geofencing, satellite navigation and battery swapping locations.

The Revolt RV 400 will also feature synthesised sounds like exhaust notes of conventional internal combustion engine motorcycles, and these sounds can be customised by the rider and selected from the app, quite like ringtones on any modern smartphone. In addition, important documents like registration certificate, driving licence and insurance can be uplodade on the app for easy access. Customers can also order charged batteries to be delivered to a selected address on the app. In addition, the Revolt RV 400 will also get a voice command system. Full list of specifications and performance will be released once the RV 400 is officially launched.