BluArmor BluSnap 2 Helmet Cooler Review

Wearing a helmet in the Indian summer can be a pain at times, but it is an absolute necessity as well. Helmets and two-wheelers must always go hand-in-hand. But keeping cool is also important, which is where the BluSnap 2 comes in.

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BluArmor is a Bengaluru based company which manufactures helmet coolers


  • The BluArmor BluSnap 2 is priced at Rs. 2,299
  • It cools and purifies air and releases the same inside your helmet
  • It can be ordered online. You can also get spares online as well

India is a country which moves on two wheels. In fact, India is one of the largest markets in the world for two-wheelers. And now, that summer is here, every time you ride on a two-wheeler you have to put on a helmet which results in you feeling uncomfortable and sweaty. But, what if we told you, a company called BluArmor has a solution to this. What if we told you that you could keep cool inside your helmet during your commutes and come out on the other side fresh as a daisy! BluArmor launched the BluSnap 2 helmet cooler a few months ago and with the summer setting in firmly; it was a good time to test a device which helps make your daily ride a little more comfortable.

How does one assemble the device?


(What you see here are the helmet mount adhesive and the air inlet)

The BluSnap 2 comprises of five parts which are the main unit, an air filter, an extender, in case you have a big helmet, a helmet adhesive strip which helps stick the device on to your helmet. And finally, there is a USB charger cable, which helps charge the battery for the fan. Assembling the BluSnap is actually quite easy. Once you have unboxed the contents, all you need to do is, fit the air inlet on to the main device, use the extender if need be. Then, you put on the helmet mount with the sticking adhesive and simply mount it on the chin of your helmet. And it's done! The BluSnap 2 is made to fit on full-face helmets of all sizes. Oh! And BluArmor will also sell you grilles in different colours. We particularly like the Orange one on our BluSnap 2. Gives you the Darth Vader feels!

What is the physics behind it all?


(This is the main unit, which also houses the air filter. The blue part on the left is the air filter )

The whole logic behind it is very simple actually. You dip the air filter into water, put it back in the main unit and make sure that the battery is charged. Once you put on your helmet, you simply have to press a button on the main unit to switch on the fan, which sucks in air from outside, cools and purifies the air and sends it into your helmet. So, not only do you breathe fresh air but it also helps you keep cool when riding a two-wheeler in peak summer.

Does it really work? Does it affect riding dynamics?


(The device does not affect your riding dynamics and doesn't put extra pressure on your neck either)

It does work surprisingly well! BluArmor says that the temperature inside the helmet is about 6-15 degree Celsius cooler than the temperature outside. Also, BlueSnap 2 works as a defogger as well. Well, it might not look quite good once you actually put it on your helmet and go out and ride, but the overall benefits far outweigh the cons. The device weighs about 270 grams and it does not get into your line of sight while wearing a helmet. It does not put any extra pressure on your neck or the helmet and you will tend to forget that you are actually wearing one, when on the move. Should you want to look down, it will create a problem. The body is made entirely of plastic and the air inlet is made of rubber. And, the BluSnap device is made to break instead of drag, so no fear of any debris causing you any injuries either.

What about pricing and availability?


(The BluSnap 2 can be ordered online along with any spares if need be)


The fan battery lasts about 10 hours and you can charge with the micro USB cable which comes packed with the device. If you want a life-altering experience, you could dip the air filter in cold water, keep in the freezer and then put it back just as you are about to go on a ride! The BluSnap 2 is priced at ₹ 2,299 and while it may not exactly be cheap, it does make summer riding much more bearable and also offers purified air, which is an added bonus in polluted metro cities. You can order the product online along with its spares as well.

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