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  • Value for Money and well versed driving experience

    Bharat Jul 21, 2019 08:46 PM
    With twofold experience after driving Hyundai Creta and Maruti Brezza, Renualt is still one of the best experience car which we are looking for in means to Comfort and Mileage. May be the car manages the average look but it still has got his style which is very easy to like under this segment where competition is very tough. After owning and driving the care especially on Highway, it gives the wonderful driving experience and comfort. ?Car is very spacious and is very much comfortable for the ride of 4. The mileage is just awesome on highways depending on driver handling and driving the car. Overall Experience:- Value for money
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  • Renault Bad service

    Shoukathali Jul 14, 2019 02:57 PM
    I was incredibly disappointed with this service!!not a Good price !recently I had a problem with a.c. ,it was with the fan and they took the car almost for one week and the rate for changing the fan was 24000 which is too much expensive!!it's only 70000km still then I spended nearly 1lakh only for the certain problems !monthly I shud pay nearly 20000for certain problems!!i had already changed our clutch more than 2 tymz,and still the problem was not solved!! Renault is giving the worst service !and I don't prefer dis anymore!!!!
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  • Newly released Duster RXS(P) CVT has major ABS issue

    Adarsh Jul 13, 2019 06:47 AM
    I have taken delivery of the new car Duster RXS(P) CVT (KA51 MK 7301) on 2nd August 2017 from dealer Trident Renault silk Board Bangalore. Five minutes after we left your showroom car started showing ABS warning light. Suddenly break started malfunctioning and after some time breaks not at all working and was very horrible experience in heavy traffic with my family along with 7 days new born baby in car. Next day car started spilling oil in parking and it was towed back to showroom and still car showroom after 9 days. Don’t purchase that car.
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  • One of the best cars

    Krishnasastry Jun 24, 2019 11:03 PM
    I bought my Duster (RXL 85 ps) in Dec 2013, done 47000 km. One of the best, most comfortable car, driven by me. I went to Hyderabad from Pune more than 3 times. Since my first tank fill-up, the worst average is 22.8 and median average is 26.3. I have always got above 24.7 for the last 40000 km. The service center guys took picture of my mileage! I don't drive wildly. I am a passive driver, never race but just enjoy the comfort of the ride. Nothing beats this car in terms of ride comfort. May be 35 lakh plus Audi and Benz/BMW may be it but I have not paid that price. Just yesterday, I sat in my friend's Alto and I was wondering did I sit in this small car for 9 years! (I owned a Maruti 800 for 9 years, Fiat Palio for 7 years). I think this review will sum-up in just one sentence. If I were to buy another car, I will not have any hesitation to walk back to the same Renault showroom. This means I do not have anything else in mind!
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  • RXL Diesel 85PS (Diesel)

    Awesome urban suv

    Tarun sharma Jun 24, 2019 11:02 PM
    I own a bunch of cars but this one is amazing, it is way ahead of others in terms of comfort ride and handling.
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  • Diesel 85PS RXE (Diesel)

    specifications incorrect.

    pramod kumar bayya Jun 24, 2019 11:02 PM
    the specifications shown here are incorrect. RXE model does not have distance to empty indicator. the doors have lock nobs in the face lift edition .
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  • Petrol RXE (Petrol)

    Check out the crash ratings and stay away

    Sid Jun 24, 2019 11:02 PM
    Check out its crash test ratings. It got 0 stars in the NCAP crash tests. Definitely stay away from this car till they redesign it keeping safety as their top priority. Does this company think we Indians don't deserve to have basic safety ?
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  • Mini-beast for off-roads

    SahilM Jun 24, 2019 11:01 PM
    Renault Duster is sure a pioneer in the segment of mini-suv's. Duster's built in features makes a clear appeal its for those who sees adventure as the only way of live and with world class safety features built inside you don't need to step back.
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  • Love from 5 years

    Sumit Jun 24, 2019 11:01 PM
    I have been driving this unbelievably fuel efficient Duster Diesel in the most terrible of roads, not minding what lies ahead on the road or even there is no road (like crossing small streams in Himachal). Super comfortable, strong, low on maintenence. Whenever I have taken drivers on long route, they are stunned by fuel efficiency. Everything has worked so well. I have crossed a lakh of kilometres and I don't recall much problem with engine. I have taken it to garage twice for some minor faults. Hyundai before this sucked everything from my pockets. This is always recommended car for all aspects.
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    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      servicing side of the car is too bad .... I have I think they adopt fraudulent practises to dupe the customer. They are solving engine light problem in my car for years and already collected lacs from me everytime i give the car for servicing they just keep it for weeks and keep replacing different part. The service manager pawan ( for eg) dont know any thing about the car ... if you need more insight drop me a mail on
  • Petrol RXE (Petrol)

    My dream car super fast

    Bikash Rudra Paul Jun 24, 2019 11:01 PM
    I love this car super first
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  • Diesel 85PS RXE (Diesel)

    Nice SUV to buy

    Aravind Jun 24, 2019 11:01 PM
    It is very nice car. It's worth buying.
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  • Wonderful car to drive on indian roads

    Bharat Jun 24, 2019 11:00 PM
    I am very happy to buy this car
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  • But what about the inherent duster problems Renault ?

    Anuj Bahl Jun 24, 2019 05:06 PM
    I am a duster awd owner ... Unsatisfied!! Why : 1. High service costs 2. Inherent problem with diesel engine injectors, which has a tendency for failure after 30k kms ... 3. Faulty rear shock absorber ... Which have just an average life span of 30to 40k kms ... And high replacement costs 4. After sales services ... Dealers changing anything on their own will 5. And above all renault knows all about this ...has been highlighted on various platforms ... . what is renault doing about this ? And guess what they dont even cover their shockers in extended warranty . My opinion ... Duster old vehicle ... Renault just doing facelifts to face the competition ...whereas it should be focussing on making its products durable to retain customers.
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  • Diesel 110PS RXZ AWD (Diesel)

    Don't Buy it! It can kill you

    Bhishm Shaktawat Jun 11, 2019 10:24 PM
    Very disappointed with Renault DUSTER RXZ ADVENTURE EDITION 110 PS purchased in May 2017 On 10 Sept 2018 in Udaipur city while driving the vehicle at about 15 KMPH in traffic had to slow down as an auto had stalled on an incline and pressed brake to stop but the vehicle came to sudden stop with loud dragging sound On checking found that Rear Right Side Wheel had jammed and saw tyre drag marks about 2 feet long were clearly visible Initially could not understand the reason so restarted to drive and found that the rear tyre was still dragging and another person said that vehicle Right Rear tyre seems to be Jammed as it is not rotating Then to ensure vehicle does not slide back Pulled the Hand Brake But found that Hand Brake was totally free and Not Effective and vehicle was stalled on road This happened when I was riving in the city all alone and at low speed. What if I was with family at the high. this pathetic car would have killed us When I took the vehicle to the workshop at Nirmal Renault Udaipur following things were observed. 1 One Brake Pad had broken into 2 pieces and had become unstuck from brake plate. 2 Then Left Hand Side Rear LHSR Wheel drum was also opened. On checking and comparing for wear it was found that the brake pads of LHSR drum both brake Pads were in better condition than RHSR pads which were thinner and more worn out 3 No foreign object and or obstruction was found within RHSR drum brake. 4. It was clear that this was complete and total Failure of OE equipment BRAKE PADS and Quality of PAD Material and Adhesive and Fitment was Sub Standard and of Very Poor quality How can A New DUSTER Vehicle with 8800 Kms running and in use for 15 to 16 Months HAVE BRAKE PAD FAILURE That also after vehicle had been fully checked by Company's workshop during Second Repair and Maintenance 4 mnths back in Apr 2018. I regret purchasing this vehicle. I have written to customer care but nobody has reverted. If you care about your customer then call on 9672999945
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