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  • Best Crossover in this segment

    Krishna Jul 15, 2019 04:09 PM
    Driver"s car- Captur your heartI have taken a test ride of the car nearly 10 times and purchased RXT DIESEL recently. This car has amazing road presence, high ground clearance, good off-road ability without 4 wheel drive and good features. The reason why it"s not selling much because of its pricing, fewer features as compared to rivals, very less resale and poor after sales and service (Service purely depends on how we interact with them its not a deal breaker). It has crossover design which is very stylish but everyone doesn"t like as it compared to traditional boxy SUV and also dashboard layout and touch screen not that great but it"s good enough. But confidently I can say who passionate about driving they know the value of capture it"s a driver"s car amazing ride quality and comfort, very good pickup, excellent suspension, sufficient space for five people, good legroom, good storage space and high driving position like real SUV, got 4star rating. Because of its crossover design body roll is almost negligible even at high speeds very stable at cornering as well. The final word who are not looking for resale just go for it will enjoy each and every moment with the Captur it"s really Captur your sense. Best all rounder for city, highway and offroading. Its give feel of a sedan as well because of its lengthy dashboard. Comparison: Creta very good car features rich but no offroad ability. Nissan kicks the latest interiors but the same capture platform and pricier. Duster same platform as captur but old. Do remember each and every product has its own pros and cons but finally deciding factor will be your needs and budget one major thing to remember we are purchasing cars not for features list or for entertainment.
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  • Car with a massive structure

    Dayashankar Jul 07, 2019 08:01 AM
    I took a test drive yesterday, it was amazing experience comfortable. Feels like driving a sports car. CAPTUR will beat the Toyota Innova in all aspects
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    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      Renault cars with their European designs and makes, guarantees smoother drives and superb handling capacities as the plus point!
    • 01-Jan-70 05:30 AM
      True! Looks are deceiving. A compact look of Captur might create an impression of an Urban cross-over. But Captur in its original sense, is a true SUV, an attribute mainly acquired from Duster as they both share the same platform!
  • RXL Petrol (Petrol)

    Horrible customer care

    Patrick Jun 04, 2019 10:56 AM
    Took it to the service centre right after 50 KMS. Car wouldn't go ahead. Service guy refused to touch car and said I'd have to pay because the engine had broken down completely. Said it was a new car but refused to listen. Having to pay 1 lakh rupees to repair a new car
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  • For Driving lovers

    Prasad Jun 02, 2019 04:11 PM
    Sine one month I am using this car. Really you can enjoy this car when you go on long drive. It is very good experience when you go for long and experience is amazing. In City this is good car but you get real driving experience on long drives. I am enjoying this car and the price after offer, it is really good car for that price.
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  • high cost and less money value

    vasu Jun 02, 2019 04:10 PM
    totaly disapponed of this car
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  • Platine Mono Diesel (Diesel)

    Good Cross over

    Swamy Mar 19, 2019 10:25 AM
    I brought this 1 week back and had driven 1k kms. Great for long drive.. no doubt. Great suspension, ride quality, response, cruise etc..City driving is little pain with hard clutch and steering. 16 kpl overall. Family enjoyed traveling. Decent features... lag in infotainment... Got very good offer on 2017 model.. so went ahead.. till now no regrets.. need to keep my thigh muscles in shape to drive this SUV. Will recommend who is ready to take up the city driving challenge...Great style and who needs a different look than Creta..
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  • Platine Diesel Dual Tone (Diesel)

    One of the best budgeted Car.

    Sumeksh Mar 19, 2019 10:25 AM
    Being an owner of such a superb car gives you a feel of luxury and comfort. I really appreciate the way this car has been made for sheer pleasure.
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  • Platine Diesel Dual Tone (Diesel)

    Better than Creta, s cross, compass (in many ways)

    Aman Anand Mar 19, 2019 09:46 AM
    Awesome car, it has a seriously epic road presence, u will just love it, when people stop by and ask u about a car that's worth just 15 lac on top model, u feel like u sitting in a 50 lac car... It is simply fantastic, I owned a CRETA earlier and switched to this and believe me my decision was just awesome.... I love this car... Test drive it before u buy, it has the best drivability in this segment
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  • Self Realization

    Ajay Pradhan Mar 05, 2019 06:31 PM
    Great Car and value for money. Great comfort and safe.
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  • Platine Diesel Dual Tone (Diesel)

    Captur- the car for every road

    Asokan.V Mar 05, 2019 06:30 PM
    Absolutely satisfied with the car's performance.. it's been a year and still no major issues faced . Worth your money
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  • Platine Diesel Dual Tone (Diesel)

    Car that forces even audi to look back

    Gab Mar 05, 2019 06:30 PM
    Just awesome road presence
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