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  • STD (Electric)

    Whast of money

    Bike is whast of money lot of problems Shockupcer not comfortable Mileage 80 km only full charge Traffic proper moving Seat two person not comfortable
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  • Battery and service problem

    Sonal pawar
    I bought the iprase in July 2019. Problem with this vehicles is, it gets suddenly off even thought battery is fully charged. Display also gets off. Right from the day of purchase this had happened seven to eight times. Battery problem is the major issue.
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  • chack

    to test drive this model
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  • Bad experience of company dealership

    prashant sherkar
    Bad scooter and service from company and dealership. Total waste of money and time.
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  • waist of money

    hitesh lata
    Scooter is good but service is very poor They don't have manners even how to talk to customer They don't have required skills to solve the problems Worst service as compare to other electric scooters like HERO I am very upset after purchasing Okinawa praise. My Okinawa praise is on guarantee i purchase this 5 month ago and recently i ride Okinawa praise and suddenly tire unbalance and and my scooter hitting down on damage road aria and after this effect rim was banded and damage and company don,t take any responsibility for this and in guarantee period they should charge for repair this Service is the main USP of any product If service fails then product also
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  • Okinawa ipraise

    I purchased 3 month back . Okinawa ipraise 1. battery millage 90 to 110 in eco speed ???? 2. After discharge 40 percent of battery speed will decrease ???? 3.speedo metre not showing exact speed???? 4. Speedometer not showing exact km???? 5.leg room hight so high not comfort ???? 6. Sometimes getting problem in traffic not moving proper ???? 7. Sport mode we are driving then battery not showing accurate battery icon ups and downs ???? 8 eco apps from 3 month not giving id password from company ???? 9.i get side stand complaint in last 3 month ???? 10. But so many petrol we can save from ????
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  • Waist of Money....

    I have i praise company claim 170 but its give only 80-90 km after full cahrge on first to bar. if you you use till 3 bar battery will goes automatically deep sleep and it wakeup after 15 days. tiotaaly waist of money also battery cost very high 60-70k.
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  • STD (Electric)

    Waste of money

    Ksr bhat
    60 km range, poor performance, multiple problems, after sale bad service,
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  • STD (Electric)

    No milege

    Eco mode gives 90 per charge and sport mode gives approx upto 44
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  • STD (Electric)

    Battery poor mileage as compared to promise

    I bought the ipraise with lots of hope on battery mileage of 150 km per charge. However, one my first use on eco mode with full charge gave me a mileage of just 71 kms. The battery indicator showed last two slots left out of five when to my surprise all of a sudden it was zero. Fortunately for me I was just entering my building and hence i could pull it to my garage for charging. The boot space is so small that you cannot carry the charger with you. I feel cheated especially having paid 1.25 lacs for a junk of failed promises.a brand new battery cannot live to expectations what will happen once battery starts wearing off. In addition you wont have any resale price. My recommendations is dont go for Ipraise as the electric bike market is yet to stabilise. Company also does not respond to customer complaints.
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    • 11-Nov-19 08:07 PM
      Dear Sir, Greetings from Okinawa Scooters! Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Request you to please share your contact details on . Our representative would contact you in 24 hours after the receipt of your contact details.
  • STD (Electric)

    Correction of my review

    I have shared review earlier which I now correct it based on support and help from my dealer. The mileage issue has been sorted I got around 130 km in my last use. One important tip for achieving this is when ever you dont use it or rather when you park for longer time switch off the battery by putting off the MCB below your seat. Another reason is dont use turbo mode more than 10 secs and use only when you have to overtake. Maximum speed test also done on highway and I could touch 71 km/hr easily on turbo mode. Have also addressed boot space issue. Have put a studd helmet storage case behind which costed me just Rs.1700 I am now satisfied with the vehicle. Also my dealer in Mumbai is very supportive so special thanks to him for resolving all my issues. I have been getting calls from across India for my feedback. I am happy to clear your doubts. I have bought my vehicle from Mumbai and use in Mumbai.
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  • STD (Electric)

    Okinawa is unable to keep there promises....

    Jitesh Gala
    Buying I Praise is Waste of Money. There are multiple problems with the bike. Story started from Nov 2018. I gave them the pre-booking cheque in Nov and I was told that by Dec, (i.e next month), you should get bike. Dec, Jan, Feb. Three months I only got dates from dealer for getting delivery. (I wish, I could have understood about the prfessionalism of Okinawa that time). Finally, I got delivery of I Praise in Mar 2019 after waitng for 4 months. During delivery, i was told that battery is already updated and you should get the range of 150-180 kms. But to my surpirse, I got an range of only 80kms. When highlighted about this issue to dealer, he was surprised too to know that batteries are not updated and it will get updated during the first service of 1000 kms. This story is of Mar 2019. When i went for 1st service, there was no update on battery issue (less range). I got a date of next week. Again in next week, one more date. Finally when i blasted on dealer, I was told that battery update test has failed and they are unable to update any battery as of now and will have to wait till the next update from Okinawa. Again one more date. After waiting for nearly 2 months, I was told by the dealer that Okinawa has now signed a agreement with the new battery company who has started making batteries for us. after waiting for nearly a month, dealer tell that there as a fire in premises of this new battery company and will have to wait futher till we get a battery. This was crazy. I contacted Me. Sandeep and checked with him, again one more date of next week. Even Mr. sandeep has no clue if battery will be dispatched on next date which is given. As of now, I am unable to use this bike because my daily commute to office and home is around 90 kms. and I am getting a range of only 65kms. Problems are - 1. Does not gives the range of more than 60 to 65 kms even in economy mode. 2. All of a sudden, battery performance is dropped reducing the range. 3. Speedometer shows incorrect speed and kms travelled. 4. bike makes lot of noise even after getting serviced. 5. parts used are of extremely low quality. I will not recommend anyone to buy this scooter
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