Vehicles in Maharashtra Bid Farewell to 'Horn OK Please'

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The colourful messages found painted on trucks has amused folks across the globe for a long time now. However, the iconic, and most common, message found on trucks in India - Horn OK Please - is set to disappear from trucks and other vehicles in Maharashtra. The state's transport department issued an order on Thursday, banning the sign 'Horn OK please' from being painted on all vehicles.

The circular further states that displaying the phrase 'Horn OK Please' or other such messages is an infraction of Section 134 (1) of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Act. The circular also notes that the phrase in question "encourages people to honk every time you pass a truck or tempo. It sends a wrong message to citizens".

Reportedly officials will perform checks starting next week; violation of the order may lead either to suspension of relevant permits or fines.

The order will certainly come as a respite for Mumbai - that was named the noisiest city in the world in 2013. Hopefully other states in the country will follow suit and bring in measures to curb the growing noise pollution in the country.

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