Truck Jumps 101.9 Feet To Set Distance Record

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There are certain things that don't fly - dodos, kiwis, orstrichs, pigs, elephants.. well, you get my drift. There is a reason why they don't fly too, they have heavy bones and 'heavy' is the term I would like to stress here. This holds true for the automotive world too, as we see bikes and cars getting some airtime, we've never really seen a truck fly, have we?

Someone thought that they were up for the challenge and decided to make one fly. Australian stuntman Ash Nichols took up the challenge to fly and land on the other side with the help of a semi-truck. Nichols used a supercross-style tabletop jump at the Loveday 4x4 Adventure Park in Barmera, Australia, to perform this stunt in his Ford LTL big rig.

If you thought flying was difficult, then what about the landing. Nichols needed to get everything right to stick the landing and that he did. He managed to make it to a distance of 101.9 feet and though you might think it ended a bit violently, there were enough and more modifications made to the truck to keep the driver safe. Check out the video and see the truck fly!

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