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Toyota Files Patent For Innovative Cloaking Device

Toyota has filed a patent for a cloaking device which makes use of mirrors and bends the light around the pillars of a car, making it appear see-through. This technology will help improve safety and erase the problems of having blind spots in a car.

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Toyota has developed an innovative cloaking device which will make the pillars of a car invisible


  • Toyota North America has filed a patent for an innovative cloaking device
  • It will render the pillars of the car invisible, reducing blind spots
  • The patent was filed by Debasish Bannerjee and Hideo Iizuka

Most of us have experienced blind spots when we drive our cars, thanks to the A, B, C or even the D pillars. Whether be it taking a turn or just reversing the car out of a parking spot, these blind spots are major irritants and in some cases, they have caused accidents as well. But what if we tell you that Toyota has filed a patent for an innovative cloaking technology which can render the pillars of the car invisible so that the driver can see right through them? You heard it right. Debasish Bannerjee and Hideo Iisuzka from Toyota North America have a filed a patent for the same with the US Patents Office.


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The idea is to use mirrors and bend light around an object, making it seem as if the object is invisible or see-through. This is actually a clever use of light and optics but we will not get into the details because truth be told, we aren't optics engineers. Having said that, if Toyota can actually make a mass market cloaking device that can be used on cars and be affordable at the same time, it will actually be a big help in improving safety of drivers and pedestrians as well.


It remains to be seen whether Toyota actually goes ahead with this innovative technology and makes use of the same in its cars. We do hope that Toyota actually goes the distance and tries to make this technology a commonplace in the near future.

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