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This Is How Four Tyres Were Changed in Just 1.92 Seconds

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  • Team Williams posted a record time for a pit stop at 1.92 seconds
  • Team Williams equalled Red Bull Racing's record from 2013
  • It's won all the awards for the fastest pit stop this season

Pit stops in a Formula One race can either make or break a driver's momentum. We've seen Daniel Ricciardo become a victim of a botched pit stop and this cost him the win and in fact a podium finish. So, now you know it's absolutely essential to get it right and for this, the crew members undergo a lot of training which is why a pit stop is one of the most impressive choreography you'll ever see in sports.

At any point in time you'll see a ten member or more team getting in position once the radio message to a driver goes, ' box'. Armed with the latest technology (read: power wrench) and of course quick responses, the team manages to change all four tyres within just three seconds. In fact, this season it's the Williams team which has been successful in putting up the fastest time on the board for pit stops. Team Williams has won all the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Awards this season with times spanning from 2.10 to 2.43 seconds.

But at the European Grand Prix, Williams showed a whole new side of this choreography as a pit stop just took 1.92 seconds and this equals the record set by Red Bull Racing in 2013 at the United States Grand Prix with Mark Webber. Just to help you understand how fast this was, try typing the word 'pit stop' and I am sure you'll take more than 1.92 seconds to type it. Well, that's how quick the crew members were to change all four tyres on Filipe Massa's car.


While this has been recognised as a record, data from the Williams team says that the pit stop took exactly 1.89 seconds which is 0.03 seconds quicker than what was recorded. If this is the case then it's really impressive and we can't wait to see how this can be broken. We agree with those who say that the crew members only changed the tyres and the filling up with fuel part was done away with. Even so, changing four tyres in less than 2 seconds is quite a sight and if you want to check it out, well here's the video.

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