The Bugatti Divo Is Finally Here, Costs 5 Million Euros But You Can't Buy One!

Bugatti has finally taken the wraps off its track focused hypercar - the new Divo! The new Divo is limited to just 40 units at about "5 Million or Rs 40 Crore each and they are all sold out!

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Bugatti Divo finally unveiled!


  • The Bugatti Divo will be limited to just 40 units worldwide
  • The Bugatti Divo has been sold out already, makes 1479 bhp of max power
  • The Bugatti Divo is the most track focused modern Bugatti

After being teased for well over a few weeks now, Bugatti has finally taken the wraps off its latest car - the Bugatti Divo! The new Divo will be limited to just 40 units globally and will cost a whopping €5 Million or upwards of Rs 40 Crore each! Only those owners who currently own a Chiron are eligible to get their hands on the Divo and as expected, even at €5 Million, all 40 units have already been sold out even before launch. But forget the price tag and just look at that glorious body! While the Chiron is a work of art in itself, Bugatti, in my personal opinion, has truly outdone itself with the sheer attention to detail and design of the new Divo.


(Bugatti Divo)

It looks purposeful, aggressive and has enough cues from the Bugatti Vision Gran Tourismo - but all in a street legal, road going, 236 mph or 380 kmph package! So why is it considerably slower than the Chiron, Chiron Sport and even the Veyron? Well, that is because this is the first modern Bugatti that as per claims can go around a race track and feel like it is meant to be there. 


(Bugatti Divo)

Under the skin, the Divo is based on the Chiron and shares the same 8-litre quad-turbo W16 engine that makes 1479 bhp of max power and gets from 0-100 kmph in just 2.4 seconds! The top speed of the car though is slower since the extra aero bits on the car put a lot lot more stress on the tyres.


(Bugatti Divo)

And boy does it really have a ton and more of aero! A massive 1.8-metre hydraulic wing at the back, a huge chin spoiler up front that sucks in air like a blue whale sucks in plankton and a diffuser that looks like it is meant to be on an LMP1 car! In fact, the Bugatti Divo makes 456 kg of downforce at its top speed - a massive 90 kg more than the Chiron!


(Bugatti Divo)

Apart from these, it also gets channels on the side for optimised airflow and a massive NACA duct on the roof to cool the engine better. And finally, as we have seen on the likes of F1 cars in the recent past and on the likes of the Mercedes-AMG Project 1, a gorgeous fun at the rear with an integrated third brake light.


(Bugatti Divo)

And that brings me to the real piece of art on the Bugatti Divo - those stunning tail lamps! Each unit glows independently creating by far the most complex and visually attractive tail lamp cluster I have ever seen! As the Bugatti Divo is a track focused car, it is of course lighter than the Chiron Sport.


(Bugatti Divo)

The weight shed has been accomplished by cutting grooves in the wheels, putting on carbon fibre wiper blades, less insulation and a lighter audio system.


(Bugatti Divo)

Mechanically too, there has been a whole bunch of updates to make the Divo go around a corner much much faster than the Chiron Sport. You get new dampers, new anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and an added degree of camber into the wheels to give even more grip. And to make things interesting, the driving modes are called EB, Autobahn and Handling!


(Bugatti Divo)

On the insides, the Bugatti Divo is like a more evolved and more track focused Chiron Sport with sportier seats with deeper sculpting, more padding on the central console and the removal of all storage space from the door panels and the central console so as not to upset weight balance.


(Bugatti Divo)

But keeping with the tradition that all Bugatti cars have come to be known, the Divo doesn't compromise on quality on the insides or make things uncomfortable as the level of luxury and sheer refinement still continues to exist - or improve.


(Bugatti Divo)


The name Divo is not a randomly picked name for the new Bugatti hypercar. It is a tribute to legendary French racing driver Alberto Divo who was a two time winner of the legendary Targa Florio race back in the 1920s. And it is apt since the Bugatti Divo has been honed on the test track - Nardo in particular to lap upto 8 seconds a lap faster than the Chiron.

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