Tesla Model S Driver Saves Life; Company CEO Elon Musk Rewards Him

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  • The Model S driver, Kick, noticed an out-of-control VW Passat
  • Kick pulled his Model S ahead of the Passat to stop the car
  • Elon Musk got wind of this news and commended Kick for his action

In Munich on Monday morning, Manfred Kick was driving his Tesla Model S on the Autobahn when he noticed that a man driving a Volkswagen Passat in the left lane had fallen unconscious. The car seemed out of control and was moving slowly in the left lane. Kick quickly pulled ahead with his Model S and then created a barrier so that the Passat could be stopped.

Once he had managed to stop the Passat, Kick quickly climbed into the VW car and grabbed the motionless man to begin administering first aid. A few on lookers soon saw this and emergency services were immediately contacted

It was only later that Kick learned that the driver had likely had a stroke and his quick thinking moved the man to medical treatment sooner. The situation would have escalated quickly as the stray car could have hit other vehicles in the vicinity.

Commending Kicks presence of mind, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took to twitter to congratulate the presence of mind that Kicks showed and did not worry about the damage to his Model S. He further tweeted saying that in appreciation, Tesla will provide all repair costs free of charge.

The incident is under investigation by German police, since Kick technically caused an accident, but the report is a mere formality. No charges or citations are expected. It's just a case of one good turn deserves the other. We clearly are in need of many more such people.

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