Porsche Taycan: All You Need To Know

Porsche will invest close to 500 million euro for the development of Taycan variants and derivatives.

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The Porsche Taycan electric car will make it to India by 2020.


  • The Taycan will go into production next year
  • The Taycan has a travel range of 500km on a single charge
  • Porsche will bring the Taycan to India by 2020

Since the start, we knew of Porsche's first electric car as the Mission E. But, at the '70 years of sports cars" ceremony, Porsche announced the new name for the Mission E and now, the company's first electric car will be called, Porsche Taycan. While the Porsche Taycan electric car will go into series production next year, the German carmaker is investing more than six billion euro in electro-mobility by 2022, doubling the expenditure that the company had originally planned. Moreover, the company will also invest close to 500 million euro for the development of Taycan variants and derivatives. While all these are initial announcements, we tell you everything there is to know about the Porsche Taycan.

porsche taycan

(The Porsche Taycan will go into production next year)


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Everything You Need To Know About Porsche Taycan:

  1. The name Taycan roughly translates as "lively young horse", referencing the imagery at the heart of the Porsche crest, which has featured a leaping steed since 1952. The oriental name also signifies the launch of the first electric sports car with the soul of a Porsche.
  2. Visually, the reduced sculpting of the front end shows a classic Porsche sweepback and is similar to the concept car to the 918 Spyder. It also gets a new type of matrix LED headlights in the brand's typical four-point light design. The four LED units are grouped around a flat sensor for assistance systems whose border serves as an indicator light.
    porsche taycan

    (The Porsche Taycan gets an extremely roomy cabin)

  3. The body as a whole is made up of a functional mix of aluminum, steel and carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The wheels of the Taycan have wide tyres mounted on 21-inch wheels in front and 22-inch wheels at the rear.
  4. A three-dimensional "Porsche" badge illuminated from inside hovers beneath an arch of light that extends across the entire width in a black glass element.
  5. The instrument cluster shows five round instruments and is displayed virtually in OLED technology. The round instruments are organized according to the driver-relevant themes of Connected Car, Performance, Drive, Energy and Sport Chrono.
  6. The Taycan gets two permanently synchronous motors with a system output of over 600bhp accelerate the electric sports car to 100kmph in well under 3.5 seconds and to 200kmph in under 12 seconds. The vehicle's maximum range is over 500 km.
    porsche taycan

    (The Porsche Taycan has the ability to travel 500km on a single charge)

  7. The battery mounted in the Taycan's underbody is based on the latest lithium-ion technology and it runs the whole length between the front and rear axles. This distributes its weight to the two drive axles uniformly, resulting in exceptionally good balance.

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