Parking A Dirty Car In Dubai May Lead To A Heavy Penalty

Dubai Municipality has taken the step to preserve the aesthetics of Dubai and ensure that the city remains attractive for tourists.

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Parking dirty cars in Dubai may lead to a fine of Dh500.


  • Parking dirty cars in Dubai will lead to a penalty of Dh500 (Rs. 9000).
  • Dubai municipality will give a notice of 15 days to clean the car.
  • The step has been taken to maintain the aesthetics of Dubai.

UAE is known for its strict laws and authorities are very particular about their implementation. The country also has stringent motoring laws and the latest rule will compel you to keep your car clean. Parking a dirty car on public roads could lead to a fine of Dh 500 which is over ₹ 9000 in Indian currency. According to a new rule issued by Dubai Municipality, residents in Dubai will be fined Dh500 if they park dirty cars on public parking spaces.

In a tweet, Dubai Municipality said that such things can "tarnish the aesthetics appearance of the city". They have also issued a reminder to the residents who are planning to go on a long vacation in summer. Municipality inspectors have started identifying stranded cars and are sticking a notice on their windscreen, giving them a further notice 15 days to clean their vehicles or they will be towed away by the authorities. Moreover, the vehicle will be auctioned by the municipality if the owner doesn't contact them.

Dubai is one of the most prominent and renowned holiday destinations in the world and contributes significantly to UAE's revenue through tourism. The step taken by the Municipality is to preserve its aesthetics and ensure that the city remains attractive for tourists.


Source: Gulf News

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