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Nicolas Cage's Next is About Driverless Cars Racing

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While the world ruminates the viability of driverless cars, Hollywood was quick to realise the movie potential of this technology. Word has it that an action-adventure comedy revolving around self-driving cars is in the works now. With Gore Verbinski of the Pirates of the Caribbean series fame donning the director's hat, the movie will star Nicolas Cage. Oddly enough, the movie will apparently be titled 'Driverless Car Race'.

Verbinski was rumoured to have said, "essentially, we are going to take the funniest comedic actors of this generation and slowly unleash them as we examine the very notion of 'passengers' who fundamentally cannot remain passive." Furthermore, screenwriter Steve Conrad, said, "We want to invert the whole premise of a road trip where the promise has always been, 'anything can happen', and say, 'what if anything can't happen'? What does that do to the test subject? What are the breaking points?"

Long story short, the new movie, set between Paris and Beijing, will be about the first-ever autonomous car race that soon spirals out of control. As curious as that idea seems to me, I really think they could have done with a better name for the movie. Perhaps, it is just a working title. That said, there are no details about the movies probable release dates/ time-frame.



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