Nicky Hayden Suffering From Serious Cerebral Damage: Update

Nicky Hayden is still 'critical' from the injuries sustained and now is suffering from severe cerebral damage, according to the statement from the hospital. We wish that the Kentucky Kid gets fighting fit at the earliest.

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  • Nicky Hayden has suffered serious cerebral trauma
  • He is currently in a medically induced coma
  • His family has joined him at the Bufalini hospital as well

Two days ago, former MotoGP rider and current WSBK rider, Nicky Hayden was hit by a car while he was riding a bicycle in Rimini coastline in Italy. The 35 year old, who rides for Red Bull's Honda World Superbike team was treated on site and then moved to the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, Italy. He was joined by his fiancée Jackie along with his brother Tommy and mother Rose, at the hospital. The WSBK rider is currently in a medically induced coma and has suffered from multiple injuries including

A recent statement from the Bufalini hospital stated that:

Nicky Hayden's clinical condition remains extremely critical. The young man, who is still in the intensive care unit of Cesena's Bufalini hospital, has suffered a serious polytrauma with subsequent serious cerebral damage.

The prognosis remains reserved."

Polytrauma is a medical term which means that a person has suffered multiple traumas to the body. The motorsport fraternity has sent best wishes to the 'Kentucky kid' and we too hope that Nicky gets fighting fit at the earliest.

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