New Volkswagen Logo Expected in 2019

Volkswagen will have a brand new logo in 2019 and might possibly move way from the V-W letters too. Volkswagen will also launch the I.D. branded electric cars soon

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Volkswagen Logos Across the Years


  • Volkswagen has always used the VW letters in its logo
  • First Volkswagen logo showcased in 1939
  • Volkswagen last updated its logo in 2012

Volkswagen will have a new logo in 2019. The new logo is said to be a more modern and more up to date as compared to the logo being used currently and might probably be the first logo in the company's history to move away from the 'V' and 'W' placement that has been a standard since inception in the late 1930s. According to reports in Bloomberg, Volkswagen has not decided on what the new logo will look like and will soon start accepting submissions from advertising firms around the world in a few months and being a shortlisting process thereafter.

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Volkswagen Cars

The change in logo for the German automaker is because the new management thinks that the automaker's appeal globally is 'too German' and unemotional. Incidentally, the 'too German' part has always been the core communication of the Volkswagen brand in the past across all forms of advertising - especially with their mainstream cars like the Golf. Incidentally, it is also because of the logo that the company is recognised as 'VW' in short - especially in enthusiast circles.


While a change in brand communication and perception is quite normal - even for large brands - like Coca-Cola or Apple, for a brand as big and as recognisable as Volkswagen to change its logo from the very recognisable 'VW' to something completely different could prove to be quite a gamble. That said, with the Dieselgate scandal still brewing, the animal testing scandal fresh on people's minds and the I.D. range of electric cars still a year or two away, a brand new Volkswagen could be a welcome change for a lot of car buyers around the world.

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