Mysterious Bugatti Sedan, Possibly Production Ready Galibier Spotted Under Covers

Bugatti could be launching a third model in its lineup - a super sedan. The new sedan could be the production ready version of the Galibier concept it showcased back in 2009.

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Bugatti sedan spotted under covers


  • Bugatti's new sedan could get the 'Galibier' name
  • The new car could be the most expensive sedan in the world
  • New Bugatti sedan might get a hybrid powertrain

Bugatti recently launched the brand new track focused Divo at the Monterrey Car Week in the United States on the sidelines of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Earlier this year, the French hypercar maker had launched the new Chiron S, a more handling focused version of the Chiron too. And now it seems that there is a third car on the cards too and that one is not a hypercar in its purest sense but a super sedan instead. It has been a known fact that Bugatti has been working on different body styles on the sidelines to accompany it's hypercar lineup and the sedan was the most expected bodystyle too.

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According to a picture posted by Bugatti Veyron, Chiron owner and a future owner of the first ever Bugatti Divo - 'Bugattiexpert', a rather large and sleek sedan with the unmistakable Bugatti silhouette has been spotted recently under a cover. While not much is visible, the picture shows the car being loaded in secrecy onto a truck. While the outlines of the grille and headlamp cluster - looking very similar to that on the Chiron and a set of black wheels can be seen, the silk car cover does keep most of the other design bits hidden.

Parked next to an older generation Audi A3 and a recent Golf GTI, the sheer size of the car is also very obvious in the image - almost as large or rather lager than the likes of a Porsche Panamera. In 2009, nearly a decade ago, Bugatti had showcased the Galibier concept to a very select group of customers and that too was a 4-door super sedan concept.

While that car never made it to production, that name could very well be resurrected for this new 4-door hypercar. And like with every Bugatti, expect absolutely bonkers spec figures to make their way into this car too alongside an expected hybrid powertrain. While the Instagram post hints at a preview at the upcoming Paris Auto Show, we think Bugatti could reveal this new model at next year's Geneva Motor Show - keeping with traditional Bugatti unveils - instead.


Image Source: Bugattiexpert (Instagram)

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