Maruti Suzuki Arena: New Showroom Design Unveiled

Maruti Suzuki has unveiled a new upmarket design language that will be standard across all its primary sales channel showrooms in India. The new design will feature a warm lighting with a lot of electronic aids to guide the customer in his buying decision.

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Maruti Suzuki's new showroom design language will be standard across all showrooms in India


  • New Maruti Suzuki design language for dealerships revealed
  • Showrooms will have upmarket design with a blue and silver exterior look
  • Interiors of the new showroom will have an off-white and black design

Maruti Suzuki is India's largest car maker and sells over 1.4 lakh units every month. From the likes of the Vitara Brezza compact SUV to the likes of the popular Swift, Alto and Wagon R hatchbacks to the new Dzire compact sedan, Maruti Suzuki has over 2,050 showrooms in India in their standard dealership network. Until now, Maruti Suzuki showrooms have been pretty basic with a typically white and blue exterior look and a mundane interior design that isn't really governed as such by the company. Now though, in line with the premium Nexa showrooms, Maruti Suzuki has given their mainstream showrooms a major and stylish makeover. The mainstream showrooms will now be renamed 'Maruti Suzuki Arena' with 80 showrooms getting an update in this financial year while the rest of the showrooms getting updated in the next five years. Read on to know more!

maruti suzuki arena new showroom(Maruti Suzuki Arena New Showroom)
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So lets start with the first thing that you are usually presented when you enter a dealership. A brochure. Gone are the days when you pull out a paper brochure from a stack and go through it. The new Maruti Suzuki Arena dealerships will have a large touchscreen panel that potential customers can access to check out specs, features, colours, etc. The touch panel will also offer buyers a 360 view of the car along with iCreate configurator for vehicles like the Brezza and the Swift. Owners will also be able to reload preconfigured variations of cars that they might have customised on their own computers, ipads or phones directly onto the screen here.
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new maruti suzuki showroom design(New Maruti Suzuki Showroom Design)

The biggest change though is not the technology but the actual ambience of the new Arena showrooms. All Maruti Suzuki Arena showrooms will now feature the exact same design language with the ivory or off white theme combined with warm yellow lighting and wooden tables and counter tops. The Maruti Suzuki Arena dealerships will also feature a corrugated blue wall combined with the backlit Suzuki logo as a bright design centrepiece on the inside while the exterior will be a combination of blue and brushed silver. Cleary, the blue Maruti Suzuki signature colour is most certainly here to stay albeit in a brand new avatar. The dealerships will also feature a café instead of the backend pantry that were used to prepare tea or coffee to the customers.
new maruti suzuki dzire(New Maruti Suzuki Dzire)

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Our personal favourite in the new design element in the new Maruti Suzuki Arena showrooms has to be the marked out black pathway in the showrooms amidst the off-white or ivory tiling. Designed to look like a roadway, this black path will stretch from the centre of the showroom or the most prominent spot to the outside just by the door. This black pathway will serve as a display area for the latest launch car from the Maruti Suzuki stable and will be lit up by a top-lit panel of white flood lights. These white lights amidst the other warmer yellow lighting will be used to really focus the walk-in customer's attention to the new cars. The new showrooms will now also have a dedicated delivery area that will be earmarked. This delivery area will also be used to showcase pre-booked test drive cars. The test drives will also now be registered either online or as a walk in customer via ipads that will be mounted on an entry desk.


New Maruti Suzuki Showroom Design


On the whole, the new Maruti Suzuki Arena dealership look is certainly a huge leap in the right direction for the Indian automaker. A better atmosphere that looks more professional and upmarket certainly makes the customer feel more welcoming and thereby more willing to seal a deal. And the upmarket feel is exactly what Maruti Suzuki have managed to achieve successfully. In fact, the new dealership that we visited in New Delhi (where these pictures are taken) can easily be passed off as something as high end and cleanly designed as a Volvo dealership. And that, is high praise.

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