Lady Faints at Traffic Light Spots Cat Driving a Car!

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It was a rather unusual sight for Mrs. Raghunath when she spotted a cat driving a car at the Vasant Kunj flyover on Monday night. She claims she saw a car, driven by a fat tabby cat, halt right next to her car at the Vasant Kunj red light.

Mrs Raghunath elaborated, "I was heading to the mall and was parked at the red light near the flyover when a stylish new sedan halted next to my car, it looked quite sleek, so I was eager to take a peep inside. That is when I noticed its driver; it was a cat wearing John Lennon style shades! The last thing I remember before I fainted was the cat rolled down the window and winked at me."

Our attempts to identify the car with the help of sketch artists at the Vasant Kunj Police Station were all in vain.

An inspection of the site revealed that onlookers heard a loud shriek before they rushed to the spot, only to find the car zipping away. The spotting of this mysterious, yet stylish, sedan being driven by, what seems to be, a Cool Cat has taken to the streets.


Though we are yet to find out more details, report it to us if you find these cool cats in Delhi by using the hashtag 'coolcatsintown' aka #coolcatsintown.

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