Kalashnikov UM-1 Electric Motorcycle Unveiled In Russia

Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov has unveiled a new electric adventure motorcycle, and this one is available for civilian use as well.

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The UM-1 is intended for civilian use


  • The UM-1 is intended for civilian use unlike the SM-1
  • Maximum speed of 90 kmph, with a battery range of 150 km
  • No details of commercial production of the UM-1 available yet

Kalashnikov, the Russian arms manufacturer, has unveiled an all-new electric adventure motorcycle, called the UM-1, at the 2018 International Military Technical Forum, along with the Kalashnikov SM-1 at the same show. Both bikes are manufactured by Kalashnikov subsidiary IZH, and share the same powertrain. But unlike the SM-1, the UM-1 has been designed for civilian use and will be an all-electric adventure motorcycle. The UM-1 looks like a super-moto version, but shares the same beefy upside down front forks with the SM-1 off-road motorcycle, along with high ground clearance and dual-sport tyres.

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Not much detail is available at this stage, even on Kalashnikov's official website, but what we do know is that, like the SM-1, the UM-1 adventure bike is also powered by a brushless DC motor with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The UM-1 has a maximum speed of around 90 kmph with a battery range of around 150 km on a single charge. Last year, Kalashnikov had unveiled electric motorcycles for police use, and this time around the focus is on the armed forces (the Super Moto, or SM-1) and one for civilian use (Urban Moto, or UM-1).


There's still no word on when the Kalashnikov UM-1 will be available to the general public, or if at all they will go into full-scale production. As with the SM-1, details about the SM-1 are also scarce, but both bikes could weigh between 165 kg and 245 kg. One thing's for sure, the future of two-wheeled mobility seems to be increasingly moving towards electric power.

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