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Jaguar Land Rover 'Sayer' Steering Wheel Concept Showcases Future Of Mobility

Jaguar Land Rover showcase the Sayer concept steering wheel that can also be used as an artificial intelligence network and might be the only part of a car we would actually own in future.

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The Jaguar Land Rover Sayer Steering Wheel showcases future of mobility ownership


  • Named after Malcolm Sayer, designer of the Jaguar C-Type, D-Type & E-Type
  • Showcases future of mobility and technology for future autonomous cars
  • Sayer steering wheel can be used as an Artificial Intelligence netwok

Jaguar Land Rover has showcased a new steering wheel concept that it says can define how we as humans see future mobility in the next few decades. Showcased at a technical fest at Central St Martins, University of the Arts London, the steering wheel concept, christened 'Sayer' is named after Malcolm Sayer, who worked for Jaguar between 1951 and 1970. Malcolm Sayer is credited with designing the C-Type, D-type, E-Type, XK13 and the XJS. The Sayer steering wheel concept will be a detachable steering wheel concept that you can take home and use as an artificial intelligence 'companion' too.

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In the future, when you will be either able to own a car individually or share a car with others in your community, the Sayer steering wheel is essentially intended to be the only part of the car that you own yourself. The steering wheel concept will be able to sync to your or the community car and give you a personalised experience as per pre-determined preferences. Looking more like a sculpture or a piece of modern art, the Sayer concept showcases the clean designs in the interior cabin that future cars are expected to have and some cars currently are already moving to.

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The Sayer steering wheel can actually be told what time you as an individual have to be at a particular location to which it can decide when to wake you up, when to call the car to your doorstep and even what type of car to call if it is a part of a community network. The Sayer steering wheel can also inform the driver about automated or manual driving sections of the car depending on traffic and other situations. Although this tech is still a while away, the fact that automakers are seriously taking the possibilities of community owned cars and developing tech to support them is commendable.

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