International Yoga Day: 5 Exercises You Can Do Sitting In Your Car

The ever increasing traffic conditions have made driving more stressful than you actually think. Here are few Yoga exercises you can do sitting in the car or behind the wheel of it, to relieve some of that stress.

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Here are 5 yoga exercises that can help you tackle the fatigue caused by driving


  • On International Yoga Day we tell you ways to do Yoga on the go
  • Growing traffic has made driving in cities more stressful than ever
  • Here are 5 things that can help you tackle the fatigue

While there are many who think that Yoga is a stress buster, well, it's not really. It's one way of dealing with stress and in today's day and age, we need any help we get with this. Driving is more stressful than you actually think and it's getting even more so because of the burst in sales of cars in recent times. Traffic has gone up significantly and with that obviously comes jams or grid locks. Most of the working crowd spend an average of 3 hours getting from home to work and back. Add the delays due to accidents, rains, toll plazas and that number is significantly higher. That's a time deficit which cannot be averted and leaves no place on the timetable to do Yoga or even hit the Gym for that matter. Of course you can't go to the gym in your car, but these few Yoga exercises can actually be done sitting in the car or behind the wheel of it. So if you're stuck in a jam or even covering a long distance, these 5 things can help you tackle the fatigue and of course, let you tell your friends that you do Yoga on the go.

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Concentrating on how you breathe can be a challenge but it's the biggest helpers of all. A simple exercise which involves breathing in and breathing out could help calm you down. Breathe in and out for the same count with the same intensity. To help you understand this better concentrate on the movement of your stomach. Breathe in and the stomach moves out, Breathe out and the stomach goes in. This is usually done with your eyes closed, but you're out on the road, so never shut your eyes. A thing to note here is not to do it excessively as this is just for temporary relief and will help in calming you down and deal with the traffic conditions till you get home. But do try it out and you'll feel the difference.

Hand And Leg Stretching

Sitting for a long time in the car takes a toll on your joints, hands, legs, neck and the spine. We'll get to the rest later but let's start with the hands and legs. Please note though, that this exercise can be done only when the car is at a standstill (that is if you're driving). Stretch out your hands on the steering wheel and open your fist and close it five times. This will help stretch the joints in your fingers and also the elbow and shoulder joints. Then, you can start to rotate the wrists in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner. Similarly you can stretch your legs too and move the toes up and down and then rotate the ankle joints in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner. These small stretching exercises will help in making blood flow in a seamless manner and keep you from getting worn out because of the traffic.

Cat Pose

Post stretching the legs and hands, it's time for the spine. Now the lower back gets affected the most when driving and this cat pose. To do this, keep both hands on the steering wheel at the same level. This will help in stretching out your hands and will also straighten the spine in the bargain. Once you've done this take a deep breath and bend your back while rolling the shoulders back slowly, then exhale and let the shoulders roll and form a hunch forward. This helps in stretching the back nicely and one thing to remember here is to keep breathing. At no point in time do you need to hold your breath.

Neck Stretch

Often you see drivers clutching onto their necks because yes, traffic strains the neck muscles. A quick stretch will relieve you of these problems. Please note that people who have spondylitis or any neck problems should not attempt this. Keeping your shoulders straight, touch your chin to your chest and then rotate your neck in a clockwise manner. Try and touch your ear to your shoulder without stretching your shoulder and keep rotating. Do it 2 or 3 times clockwise and the same number anticlockwise. This will help stretch the neck muscles and you'll feel better instantly.

Side Stretch


The side stretch is mainly for those who are driving long distances but if you're in choc-a-bloc traffic, then you can do it too. Keeping both hands on the wheel, take a deep breath extend the spine and exhale slowly leaning to one side. While doing this, please remember to keep your eyes focused on the road. Inhale and come back to the center then exhale and move to the opposite side. It's simple and the side stretch does wonders in letting go of your fatigue.

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