Faraday Future Reveals FFZERO1 Concept Car

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We were all looking forward to the concept car from the Faraday Future stable and well here it is. The car was unveiled at the 2016 CES and it's called the FFZERO1 concept. The premiere of this concept showcases the capability of Faraday Future and though this vehicle won't see the light of production, it's intention is to take on bigwigs like Tesla.

Faraday Future's all-electric concept has been envisioned as a race car of the future and adopts a very sleek body sculpted for improved aerodynamics. The single-seater electric cars takes a whole bunch of styling cues from the Vision Gran Turismo concepts which is why it looks menacing. The huge front air dam and the chiselled body all point to its sports car genes.

The company has not said much about how much it weighs but we know that it must be low because it takes advantage of a carbon fibre and composite construction. The projected specifications refer to four electric motors generating a combined output of more than 1,000 horsepower. There's enough power at your disposal to launch the car from 0-100km/h in close to three seconds and top out at 321km/h.

The FFZERO1 rides on the company's Variable Platform Architecture (VPA) and comes with centrally-positioned batteries arranged in modular strings, so, all the batteries are on the floor of the car. The interiors too are all about keeping the driver comfortable. The driver sits at a 45-degree angle which according to the company improves blood circulation.

The steering wheel too is more like a race car controller and all the car's functions and features are visible through a smartphone docked in the centre of the steering wheel. But the other big change that Faraday Future has made is that it says the FFZERO1 can run in full autonomous mode, both on the roads and the racetrack.

Faraday Future is on course to release its first production car as early as 2018 and would break ground on its first factory which is to be based near Las Vegas, within a few weeks. Faraday Future has pledged to invest more than $1billion in the plant and eventually employ more than 4,500 workers.

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