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Driving School Teaches To Reverse By Putting Students' Phones On The Line

Interestingly, it was the students themselves who came up with this idea of using their smartphones as markers, while learning to reverse into a parking spot.

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It was the students themselves who came up with this idea of using the smartphones as markers


  • This driving school is in Dezhou, Shandong province, in China
  • Students have to place their phones on the yellow line before reversing
  • Students of this driving school came up with this idea

With all the fun that it brings, driving a car is a huge responsibility, especially on public roads. Right from the time of learning, a driver must be fully aware and alert of his/her surrounding at all times to avoid any kinds of small or big mishap. The same level of carefulness is required while parking a car or backing into the parking spot. To instill this notion deep into its student's minds, a driving school in China has found a really interesting way of teaching them to be careful, by having them put their own smartphones on the line.

Students of this driving school in Dezhou, Shandong province of China are taught to reverse their vehicles into a parking spot by placing his/her phone on the ground on top of the yellow line marking the space. The instructors say that with this exercise, they have noticed that students tend to employ more caution because if anyone makes a mistake it's the end of their smartphone.


The most interesting bit, however, is that it was the students themselves who came up with this idea of using the smartphones as markers. And because it was their smartphones on the line, everyone was more careful than ever and none of the devices were damaged. Not just cars, even those learning to drive a lorry are made to use the same method, as seen in the video. This is surely one of the best ideas to teach reverse parking and definitely one of best uses for a smartphone to improve one's driving.

Disclaimer: Always wear a seatbelt while driving and a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.


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