Curtiss Motorcycles Announces Last Warhawk Models

Only 36 Warhawk motorcycleswill are available on sale before the company turns to full-electric bikes.

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Each Warhawk motorcycle costs $105,000


  • The Warhawk is the first and last Curtiss v-twin in over 100 years
  • Only 36 Warhawk motorcycles will be built
  • Curtiss Motorcycles will produce all-electric motorcycles

Curtiss Motorcycles, formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles, will be making only all-electric motorcycles in future, but now the company has announced that it will produce the last few motorcycles with an internal combustion engine, called the Warhawk, which will be offered on sale. Only 36 Warhawk motorcycles will be produced and sold, and the Warhawk is the last internal combustion engine model under the Curtiss brand name. Last year, Confederate Motors was rebranded to Curtiss Motorcycles, and the company had announced that the future line-up will only include motorcycles with electric motors.

curtiss warhawk

The Warhawk is powered by a massive 2,163 cc, v-twin engine

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The Warhawk is a tribute to Glenn Curtiss, who introduced his own v-twin engine in 1903, three and six years ahead of Indian and Harley-Davidson respectively. The Warhawk shares its name with a famous World War II fighter aircraft, and each bike will be priced at $ 1,05,000 (around ₹ 72 lakh in the current exchange rate). Interested customers can book one Warhawk for $ 5,000 (around ₹ 3.45 lakh). The Warhawk is powered by a massive 2,163 cc v-twin engine which puts out around 150 bhp of maximum power and 217 Nm of peak torque.

curtiss warhawk

The Warhawk's v-twin engine makes 150 bhp and 217 Nm

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Curtiss Motorcycles will now focus on all-electric motorcycles, borrowing the future-ready electric powertrain from Zero Mototcycles. The first electric motorcycle model from Curtiss Motorcycles will be called Zeus, and is expected to be rolled out sometime next year. The Zeus will be the first all-electric model from Curtiss Motorcycles, and the Warhawk will be the last model to be offered with an internal combustion engine from the American manufacturer. The Zeus is expected to be launched sometime in 2018. Confederate Motors was established in 1991 and made a name as the manufacturer of exotic motorcycles, and the company's first model was introduced in 1994.

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