Best Cars Of 2017: Top 7 Cars Of The Year

The year of 2017 was an interesting one for the Indian car market. There were a lot of important launches throughout the year, but these are our top picks as the top 7 launches of the year.

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Here is our list of top 7 cars that were launched in 2017 till date


  • Here is our list of top 7 cars that were launched this year
  • Quite a few of them were new-generation models of existing cars
  • There were a bunch of all new cars that were launched in India this year

2017 has been a rather exciting year as far as new car launches are concerned. This means that the entire team of NDTV Carandbike too had a great time bringing the reviews and launch reports throughout the year. But! There were a few cars that were launched, which caught our fancy and also did very well in the domestic market. To keep things fair, we haven't included SUVs in this list as we have another list of Top 5 SUVs of 2017 which you can read about.

Here is our pick of the top seven cars that were launched this year in India.

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Maruti Suzuki Ignis

ignis review(Maruti Suzuki Ignis)

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis was one of the most important launches for the company this year. And it did set the sales chart on fire. A value for money offering and a decent list of features made this car our hatchback of the year at the NDTV Carandbike awards. The Ignis gets our vote as one of the most important car launches this year.

Specifications Ignis Petrol Ignis Diesel
Displacement 1197 cc 1248 cc
Max Power 82 bhp@6000 rpm 74 bhp@4000 rpm
Peak Torque 113 Nm@4200 rpm 190 Nm@2000 rpm
Gearbox 5-speed manual/AMT 5-speed manual/AMT

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

dzire(2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire)

Right on the heels of the Ignis, Maruti Suzuki also launched the new-generation Dzire in India this year. The Dzire has always been one of the largest selling cars in India and with the new-gen model on sale, the popularity of the car soared even higher. As always, the new Dzire is great value for money and gets a comprehensive updates to the looks and features. It also won the subcompact sedan of the year award at the NDTV Carandbike awards.

Specifications Dzire Petrol Dzire Diesel
Displacement 1197 cc 1248 cc
Max Power 82 bhp@6000 rpm 74 bhp@4000 rpm
Peak Torque 113 Nm@4200 rpm 190 Nm@2000 rpm
Gearbox 5-speed manual/5-speed AT 5-speed manual/AT

Hyundai Verna

hyundai verna(2017 Hyundai Verna)

Another car that was launched in a new-generation avatar was the Hyundai Verna! The Verna was always a popular car and the updates in the car made it even more popular, increasing its value for money quotient. Hence, it also won the compact sedan of the year award at the annual NDTV Carandbike awards.

Specifications Verna Petrol Verna Diesel
Displacement 1591 cc 1582 cc
Max Power 121 bhp@6400 rpm 126 bhp@4000 rpm
Peak Torque 151 Nm@4850 rpm 260 Nm@1500-3000 rpm
Gearbox 6-speed manual/6-speed AT 6-speed manual/6-speed AT

Renault Captur

renault captur(Renault Captur Wins NDTV Viewer's Choice Car Of The Year 2018)

One of the most interesting launches of the year was the Renault Captur! We say so because of its quirky design and long list of features. The Captur has a very distinct identity of its own and that's the reason it won the Viewers' choice four-wheeler of the year award.

Specifications Captur Petrol Captur Diesel
Displacement 1498 cc 1461 cc
Max Power 104 bhp@5600 rpm 108 bhp@4000 rpm
Peak Torque 142 Nm@4000 rpm 240 Nm@1750 rpm
Gearbox 5-speed manual 6-speed manual

Audi A5

new audi a5(New Audi A5)

Audi launched the A5 twins and the S5 this year, which immediately impressed us with its notchback design and refinement that Audi cars are known to have. The Audi A5 stood out as one of the more important premium car launches during the course of the year and did impress the customers too.

Specifications A6 Diesel
Displacement 1968 cc
Max Power 188 bhp@3800-4200 rpm
Peak Torque 400 Nm@1750-3000 rpm
Gearbox 7-speed automatic

BMW 5-Series

2017 bmw 5 series(2017 BMW 5-Series)

BMW too launched 5-Series in a new-generation avatar this year with improved design and more features. It is bigger and better than the previous gen model in each and every sense. This was the reason it won the NDTV Carandbike premium car of the year as well. It offers a great balance between comfort, balance and technology and hence, an important car launched this year.

Specifications 5-Series Petrol 5-Series Diesel (2.0-litre) 5-Series Diesel (3.0-litre)
Displacement 1998 cc 1995 cc 2993 cc
Max Power 248 bhp@5200 rpm 187 bhp@4000 rpm 261 bhp@4000 rpm
Peak Torque 350 Nm@1450-4800 rpm 400 Nm@1750-2500 rpm 620 Nm@2000-2500 rpm
Gearbox 8-speed automatic 8-speed automatic 8-speed automatic

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

new mercedes benz e class front(New-Gen Mercedes-Benz E-Class)

With Audi and BMW launching new and impressive cars, could Mercedes-Benz had been left behind? Mercedes launched the new-gen E-Class this year. If you are looking for an executive car that offers you solid comfort in the rear seat, the E-Class is perhaps the one that you are looking car. Oh! And it comes in the long wheelbase variant, which means more than enough room to have a party in the rear.

Specifications E-Class Petrol E-Class Diesel (2.0-litre) E-Class Diesel (3.0-litre)
Displacement 1991 cc 1950 cc 2987 cc
Max Power 181 bhp@5500 rpm 191 bhp@3800 rpm 255 bhp@3400 rpm
Peak Torque 300 Nm@1200-4000 rpm 400 Nm@1600-2800 rpm 620 Nm@1600-2400 rpm
Gearbox 9-speed automatic 9-speed automatic 9-speed automatic

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