Audi Welcomes Porsche to Le Mans

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It's not always that rivals share sporting spirit. I mean, there are so many examples and in the competitive world of motorsport, being cheeky too is a mild form of aggression, but what can you say about this video?

Audi released a video which welcomes Porsche to the Le Mans scene. Porsche will return to the gruelling and famed sport after a 16-year absence and Audi clearly has extended a hand of sportsmanship. Audi and Porsche might have some sibling rivalry but that hasn't stopped the four-ringed brand from welcoming their counterparts in Stuttgart back to Le Mans.

The short video shows Audi heading to Stuttgart in their Le Mans contender - the R18 e-tron quattro and paying their colleagues a visit. After reaching the Porsche offices, the car does a burn out that spells "Welcome Back."


Call it cheeky, arrogant or mere sportsmanship but Audi has made a gesture only few can boast of. Porsche is a team to look out for as former F1 driver Mark Webber will be seen piloting the 919 Hybrid at the race which begins next week. Audi knows how eager Porsche is to get their hands on the title but clearly it will not be easy.

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