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Akshay Kumar Advises Motorists To Ride Wisely

We got a chance to talk to Akshay Kumar at the Auto Expo 2018 where he was at the Honda pavilion and the topic of the day was safety.

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Akshay Kumar spoke about how safety on two-wheels is the need of the hour

At one point in time, the only person to put his life on the line by being part of an unworldly stunt was Akshay Kumar. There are movies where he's on the bike escaping from goons and then jumps off it with ease, all this without a helmet. But now he's a different man and safety on two wheels is all he talks about. We got a chance to talk to him at the Auto Expo 2018 where he was at the Honda pavilion and the topic of the day was safety.

He elaborated saying, "I have always said, that helmets are necessary. 95% lives are saved because of a helmets and it's just common sense to wear a helmet." The Bollywood hero has been the brand ambassador for Honda for a while now and is all for safety, so much so that he says, "Just putting a helmet does not help, it should be the right kind of helmet which saves your life."


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Given the fact that he has made and acted in films that promote a social cause like Padman and Toilet, we asked him if he would ever think about making one on two-wheeler safety. "To make a film on two-wheeler safety is not that easy, first I have to have to right script and then it has to have a love angle too. The rest of the movies had this. But yes, safety is important and whenever I do get such a chance I will do justice to it."


We had to ask him about electric mobility as well and he said, "Well, Honda is working towards and yes, we need to get the pollution levels down and we should do whatever we can." However, the biggest take away was his message to our viewers where he talked about how safety was in the hands of the driver/rider. "Many a times I have seen that whenever there's an accident, the rider or driver is at fault, rather than the person who is crossing the road and that's because the one behind the wheel has the control. It's high time we realise this and drive and ride at safer speeds rather than over-speeding. It's better to leave 5 to 10 minutes before time rather than rush at the last minute."

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