7 Things to Do at India Bike Week 2016

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The largest biking festival in Asia, India Bike Week is back again for the fourth edition at Arpora Sporting Ground, Goa and will be home to solo riders, biking clubs, enthusiasts, motorcycle veterans and many more that have come together to celebrate their love for two-wheels. Scheduled on February 19 and 20, the event has turned into an annual pilgrimage for experienced bikers and a bucket list item for the rest. With just a week left, it is time to keep those inhibitions at bay as we list down the seven things you need to do at the India Bike Week 2016.

1) Gaze at the Bikes
India Bike Week Ride

Isn’t this what its all about? The bikes! India Bike Week is about bikers with their growling chariots and you will see a whole lot of them this year with 12,500 premium bike participants who will be riding down from all over the country. Manufacturers including Harley-Davidson, DSK-Benelli, Ducati, Indian Motorcycles and Triumph have planned something special for enthusiasts to look forward to. Moreover, India Bike Week also hosts the International Bike Expo that will also showcase some exotic beauties at the event.

2) Groove to the Music
India Bike Week Concerts

As much as the festival is about biking, India Bike Week is also about letting your hair down and losing yurself to a plethora of bands from all over the country playing some of the best tunes. From Su Real, Girish & The Chronicle, Sid Coutto, Soulmate to the Midival Panditz , Vedant Joshi, Mojojojo and many more, the gigs are only going to get bigger and better this year in a bid to please your acoustic needs. You might have a new favourite band/playlist at the end of the two-day extravaganza.

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3) Catch Up on the Veterans
India Bike Week Guests

Bikers from India and around the globe will be at India Bike Week 2016 sharing their experiences, knowledge and profound wisdom with everyone. Motorcycle legends including Dougie Lampkin, CS Santosh, Chaz Davies, Gaurav Jani and many others are in attendance, so make sure to keep a notebook handy. For those who prefer the celluloid, India Bike Week also has its own film festival organized this year for the first time that will screen travel movies sourced from all over the world with its focus on riders, the bikes and the journey.

4) Cheer for Your Favourite Build
India Bike Week Build Off

India Bike Week’s National Custom Biker Build-Off turned out to be quite the platform for veteran and budding motorcycle builders alike to show off their creations. With builders participating from all over the country, you will get to see some of the uniquely crafted, ostentatious, outlandish or maybe just weirdly designed motorcycles. Nevertheless, there will be some very exciting builds to feast your eyes on. Grab ideas for your own build or meet folks that will build you one; the options are many!

5) The Little Things
India Bike Week Stunts

Life is all about the little things and those are in plenty at India Bike Week. Check out the Dino wars, stunt shows or collect cool customized riding gear, moto-photography prints and memorabilia; your biking buddies are sure going to envy your newfound collection. Also, remember to head back to the main street to catch up on all the major events and action.

6) Vintage & Classic Bike Concours
India Bike Week Classic Bikes

The annual Vintage and Classic Bike Concours will showcase over 100 vintage and heritage motorcycles this year with some of the most enigmatic machines that are biker can ever witness. From classic Harleys, Indian, Norton to BSA, check out bikes that are almost a century old and is recommended for every enthusiast. Also, pick up a trick or two about maintaining your two-wheels.

7) Meet Like Minded Gear Heads
India Bike Week Participants

Passion for bikes and riding brings you to India Bike Week and will also connect you with folks sharing the same sentiment. From bikes, riding stories to bucket list items, there will be something common that you are bound to share with someone. Odds are you just might bump into the people you admire making the perfect chance for a quick chat and that mandatory selfie. A life lesson might be just around the corner.

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