5 Things You Need to Pack for India Bike Week 2016

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India Bike Week (IBW), the largest biking festival in Asia, is all set for its fourth edition and, as always, will be a biking Mecca for enthusiasts, solo riders, biking clubs, motorcycle veterans, and the like. To be held on February 19 and 20, the venue for the event is Arpora Sporting Ground in Arpora village, Goa. So, it's a perfect mix of sun, sand, parties, and, of course, bikes.

India's premier biking festival has grown over the years after first being held in 2013 and India Bike Week 2016 is set to be the biggest and the best version of the event till date thanks to various new additions. Apart from the plethora of motorcycles on display, the festival will feature exhibits, competitions, stunt shows, music concerts, films screenings, etc.

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So now that we have waxed lyrical about the India Bike Week, you are obviously tempted to go for it. Or maybe you had already planned a trip to attend the festival well in advance. Either way, before you head out for the event, here are 5 essentials that you need to include in your luggage to ensure that your trip is a smooth ride.

1. Documents and Travel Guides
First things first. We know this might sound really boring but you have to have some form of ID on you. Apart from your driving license (if you have one, that is), it would also help to carry some other form of identification on the lines of a passport or a voter ID card, just in case. And make sure you take a few photocopies of your IDs. Also, you need to carry maps and travel guides of Goa and other areas that you plan to visit or make your way through. You could get directions and routes on your mobile phone but it won't be of much use if you are in a remote area and there is no internet connectivity on your phone. You should take a print-out of the Indian Bike Week itinerary as well so that you have details of when particular events will take place.

2. Riding Gear
Since it's a biking festival, most of you would obviously do a fair bit of riding, or you may even ride all the way to Goa for the event. And for that, you need proper riding gear. A helmet, riding jacket, and pair of sunglasses are a must. You could add riding gloves, knee guards, riding boots, etc. to that list as well if you want to really look the part. In fact, it's never a bad idea to pack more than one helmet, just in case you need to take a pillion rider along. If you plan to ride over long distances, you need to carry a rain cover for you luggage as well so that those sudden downpours don't catch you off-guard.

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3. Bike Spares and Tools
Riding over long distances obviously takes a toll on your bike and you need to be prepared. Pack a tool kit and a few spares for your motorcycle like a clutch cable, accelerator cable, battery fuses, headlight bulbs, puncture-resistant sealant for the tyres, etc. A Swiss army knife and a torchlight are must-haves as well. Also, it's never a bad idea to carry 5-10 litres of spare fuel on long trips since fuel stations are few and far between.

4. First Aid Kit, Toiletries, and Other Items
A first aid kit with antiseptics, bandages, etc. is a necessity, along with common medication for fever, headaches, stomach ailments, etc. Apart from toiletries like soap, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other such items, you need to carry sunscreen lotion as well since it's Goa we are talking about. Also, since most smartphones tend to run out of juice really quickly, don't forget to carry a power bank and, obviously, your regular charger. Drinking water is a must on those long rides as well. Even though you plan to rough it out and get through the bike festival in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a jacket, you need to carry some spare clothes too.

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5. Camera
Your smartphone might be equipped with a really good camera. But in order to make those photos/videos come alive, nothing stands close to a proper still/video camera. It might be a little bulky and cumbersome to carry a camera and all the related equipment in a bag, but the quality of images that you will end up with will make it all worthwhile.

The above are just some of the essentials that you need to make your India Bike Week trip smooth and hassle-free. But we have to add that since the bike festival is in Goa, it's never a bad idea to carry shorts, beach slippers, and swimwear as well. Because, let's face it, very few can resist Goa's beaches. On that note, happy biking, folks!

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