2019 Triumph Street Twin: What To Expect

Triumph Motorcycles will be launching the updated Street Twin on February 14, 2019. Here's what to expect from the new Street Twin.

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The 2019 Triumph Street Twin gets some worthy upgrades to make it the new generation model


  • The 2019 Triumph Street Twin gets more power, better features
  • The 2019 Street Twin will be priced at around Rs. 8 lakh (ex-showroom)
  • The 2019 Street Twin gets riding modes, updated suspension and brakes

The 2019 Triumph Street Twin will be launched on February 14, 2019. The new Street Twin retains the familiar design of the outgoing model, but there are significant changes, to the engine, as well as the bodywork. This is not an all-new model, but the 2019 Street Twin certainly is a new generation of Triumph's bestselling Bonneville. It makes more power, gets riding modes now, and gets updated suspension, as well as minor cosmetic updates to make it look slightly different from the outgoing model, just enough difference to make it look like the 2019 model. We've already ridden the updated model, and here's what you can expect from the 2019 Triumph Street Twin.


(The 2019 Triumph Street Twin gets significantly upgraded with more power, revised bodywork, new suspension and brakes)


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More Power

The outgoing Street Twin has an easygoing personality. It's not the backslapping performer, but perfect for riders getting their first 'big bike' - a 900 cc, Bonneville 'high torque' engine which pulls eagerly, low saddle height to make terra firma accessible to riders of different height and build, and enough electronics to ensure things don't go out of hand. What it lacked though is some oomph, particularly when you're out on a highway (as most riders in India seem to want to do anyway, every once in a while), and even if it's an upgrade from a smaller bike, after a few months of use, owners sought some more power, some more drama higher in the revs, to keep things interesting and exciting. That's primarily what the new 2019 Street Twin tries to address.

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(The 2019 Triumph Street Twin is an agile handler and gets more power and torque spread out over a rider rev range)

It now makes more power - nearly 10 bhp of it - and the engine revs freer and smoother and to a higher redline (7500 rpm). What that translates to in the real world is that the 2019 model seems to have more lung power (although displacement is still 900 cc), and maximum power is now rated at 64 bhp. Peak torque is the same (80 Nm of it) and it kicks in at 3,800 rpm, but the torque curve is flatter on the new model and spread over a wider rev range to give it more pulling power spread out.

So, expect the performance on the 2019 Street Twin to be perkier, and with eager pulling power. The engine though hasn't seen a massive overhaul; what Triumph has done is to make components lighter - with a magnesium cam cover, lighter crank and balance shafts and revised throttle maps. On-off throttle response has also been smoothened out a fair bit and discerning riders will immediately be able to make out the difference in the fuelling.


The 2019 Triumph Street Twin gets some minor cosmetic updates as well to give it fresh appeal

Updated Styling And Features

The overall silhouette of the 2019 Triumph Street Twin remains the same, but there are some changes in the details. New alloy wheels - an 18-inch front, 17-inch rear, with polished spokes add some freshness, the side panels are updated, with new graphics, as is the fuel tank, which looks neater than before with the minimalistic badges. The headlight shell and brackets get new finishes, as does the speedometer, with a new 'Bonneville' badge. The seat height now stands at 760 mm, slightly taller than the outgoing model, but with a more focussed and comfortable riding position.


The 2019 Street Twin gets riding modes, and revised throttle maps

Like the outgoing model, the 2019 Street Twin also gets ride-by-wire, but it now gets the option of two riding modes - Rain and Road. The throttle maps have also been revised and the two riding modes smoothen out throttle response and traction control intervention, with Rain mode getting more electronic intervention to keep the rubber planted on the ground in slippery conditions. A new improvement in the suspension on the 2019 Street Twin is the introduction of cartridge type KYB front fork, promising better stability and handling. Updated brakes for 2019 include the introduction of Brembo four-piston calipers, and dual-channel ABS is standard.


The 2019 Triumph Street Twin is expected to be priced at around ₹ 8 lakh (ex-showroom)

Price And Competition Check


The 2019 Triumph Street Twin will be manufactured in Thailand and brought in to India under the Free Trade Agreement with Thailand. So, expect competitive prices, in our opinion, somewhere around ₹ 8 lakh (ex-showroom) range. At that price, the direct competition to the Street Twin is the Ducati Scrambler Icon, but as an entry-level modern classic, keen observers may quip, "why not the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 at less than one-third the price?" What the 2019 Triumph Street Twin offers is better quality, better equipment (suspension, brakes and overall fit and finish) and of course, a complete electronics package with riding modes and traction control, in addition to ABS. Triumph's largest selling model gets a worthy update for 2019, and most of all, it's a well-built, well-engineered bike which now gets some added performance to keep the riding experience interesting.

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