2018 L.A. Auto Show: 2020 Mercedes AMG GT Unveiled

The 2020 Mercedes GT gets a new top ranging GTR Pro trim which is even rich in aerodynamics.

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The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT will be available in the GT, GT C, GTR and GTR Pro trim.

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the new 2020 AMG GT at the 2018 L.A. Auto Show and the new model has received styling updates along with technological and performance upgrades. The 2020 Mercedes AMG GT will be available in the GT, GT C, GTR and a new top ranging and even more manic GTR Pro trim. However, the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT is more mature than manic, especially in the matte grey paintwork it is showcased in. It's still a two-door sports car and the Panamericana grille has also been retained but is more angular at the edges and the headlights have also been re-worked- essentially has been borrowed from the new AMG GT 4-door.On the AMG GT  C, the rear has been tweaked so minutely that it's hard to differentiate and the only thing which comes quite apparent at the rear is the new tailpipe design.

n9ea3g6oThough the interior layout of the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT remains identical, there is a good dose of features update.

The most significant changes are seen in the cockpit. For starters, it gets the new touchpad-based infotainment system and a wide 12.3-inch digital screen as standard. The new steering wheel too has made way inside this model with two touch-sensitive nubs through which we can control the functions on the instrument cluster and obviously on the 10.3-inch console-mounted screen. Moreover, it gets an AMG specific LCD display which integrates the controls for the performance and drive modes. In the central console, there are colour display buttons and the TFT switches are to adjust things like transmission and chassis settings, exhaust system, start-stop system, and the DRS controls.

k6jro4a8 The most significant changes at the rear are the new wing spoiler and design of the tailpipe.

Though the 2020 spec model is a minor update that isn't limited only to cosmetics. The performance of the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT has been improved with the new AMG Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) where the system gels with the drive modes to offer different level of settings- Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master. The Basic mode takes care of slippery and comfort drive modes and has the stability control setup at its best. The Advance settings come in the sports drove mode and pro takes care of the sports+ drive modes. But Master does the best to leave the driver uncanny as it shuts down all the electronic nannies and let the GTR go completely insane.

That said, the GT range has a new wild offering- the GTR Pro which is even more track focused. It has drawn inspirations from AMG GT3 and GT4 race cars and is equipped with a new coil-over suspension setup which has manually adjustable dampers, adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars and spherical bearings for the rear suspension's lower and upper wishbones.

Moreover, the 2020 Mercedes AMG GTR Pro gets carbon ceramic brakes and model specific bodywork which improves the aerodynamics. There are carbon fibre elements used upfront in the corner winglets while the sizeable front fender limits the front axle lift. Additionally, the modification includes a tweaked rear splitter and a Gurney flap on the carbon-fibre rear spoiler along with carbon fibre roof duck tail and racing stripes in light green or gray which is only standard on the models in Selenite Gray Mango paint.

ddn0u8dThe 2020 Mercedes GT retains the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine tuned in different states for all four variants.

Despite all the additions in the variants and body, it's still a minor upgrade and going by the standards there hasn't been any change mechanically. Under the hood is the same 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged, V8 engine which produces 462 bhp in the standard GT coupe and roadster while 542 bhp in the GT C coupe and roadster. The top ranging GTR and GTR Pro have the same engine tuned to churn out a whopping 570 bhp.

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