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10000th Tesla Supercharger Inaugurated, Located in Canada

Tesla has officially inaugurated its 10000th supercharger that can quick charge Tesla vehicles giving them a substantial range in just 30 minutes or a full charge in 75 minutes.

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Tesla opens its 10000th supercharger


  • Tesla's 10000th supercharger is located in Belleville, Ontario in Canada
  • The 10000th supercharger was thrown to public use on June 9, 2018
  • Tesla has superchargers across the US, Canada, Western Europe, China

Tesla has officially inaugurated its 10000th supercharger. Located in Belleville, Ontario in Canada, the supercharger was thrown open to public use on June 9, 2018. The Tesla Supercharger will support all three models that Tesla currently offers, the entry level Model 3 sedan, the larger Model S sedan and the Model X SUV. The Tesla supercharger will also support the upcoming Tesla Roadster 2 and the recently teased Model Y Compact SUV/ crossover that is due for a public reveal sometime next year and production / delivery in 2020. The Tesla supercharger however does not support the Gen 1 Tesla Roadster.

The Tesla Supercharger is a 480-volt DC fast-charger for Tesla cars that gives owners the chance to charge their cars in public areas like malls, office parking spaces, etc. at a much quicker rate as compared to the home based chargers. The DC fast charger can provide 120 kWh of power per car and can give the likes of the Model S 90D a range of 170 miles or about 270 kms in just 30 minutes of charge. Alternatively, the Tesla supercharger can charge a car from empty to full battery capacity in just 75 mins.


In order to best utilise the Tesla supercharger network, Tesla cars are able to plot a route considering available superchargers in case the car does not have enough charge to complete the journey. As of now, Tesla has superchargers across the United States, Mexico, Canada and most of Western Europe. In Asia, Telsa has superchargers in China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan along with locations in the Middle East like the UAE and Jordan. Tesla also has a supercharger presence in Australia, New Zealand and Russia. Currently, the continents of Africa and South America do not have a Tesla supercharger station.

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