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  • W10 FWD (Diesel)

    Worst after sales service

    Sameer Modi Sep 21, 2018 07:44 PM
    Dear Sir, I am a practicing doctor in Patiala and a sad owner of XUV 500 W-10 bought in June 2015. I was a fan of XUV-500 till now and must have recommended at least 10 friends and family members to buy the same. But recently something happened that changed my entire view about the car and the company Mahindra. I planned to make a road trip from Patiala to Goa on this new years eve. We were supposed to leave Patiala on 31st Dec and reach Goa by 3rd Jan visiting various places on the way. The vehicle was quite fine, however around 20th Dec, it showed the yellow “check engine” light off and on. So I went to the local dealership who inspected the vehicle and replaced the vacuum modulator under warranty. However the light did not go off after they replaced the vacuum modulator and it took them another 2 hours to solve the issue. At last they handed over the vehicle to me saying that everything is ok. I have been using XUV for the last 7 years and this is my 2nd XUV. I was not satisfied with the performance as the engine was showing loss of power on highway driving. I again approached the Patiala dealership but they could not find any error and told me it’s just my phobia nothing else. I believed them and started my journey towards Goa on 31st Dec 2017. However the engine seemed to be compromised throughout the journey which I had to ignore as per my local dealership’s advice. We reached Goa on 3rd Jan 2018 evening. We were supposed to stay there for 4 nights and check out on 7th Jan. we had another friends couple along with my Father in law and 3 children. I was quite enthusiastic as I love to drive. We planned to visit various sightseeing spots in the days to follow in our ever favorite XUV. However when I started the car very next morning i.e on 4th of Jan, there was a loud sound as if the tyre had busted and the car came to a halt. I got down and checked that all tyres were fine. I tried to restart the engine but it won’t take the self. After trying for a couple of times, I thought better call the experts. I called on the helpline number who after a very lukewarm response put me across the local Muktar Automobiles expert team. The service advisor told me that they will charge 1500/- rupees just to visit the vehicle and it does not ensure that they can solve the problem or not. The other option was to get the vehicle towed to their dealership where they can inspect the vehicle completely. I thought, since the days were limited, it was better to save time and I asked my family to wait while I arranged to get the vehicle towed to the dealership by paying 2500/- rupees. I reached there around 11 am. And after making repeated requests to the service managers there they ultimately attended me. They kept on making vague guesses about the problem and when around 1 hour had gone, they decided to keep the vehicle and issued me a vehicle receipt mentioning that require minimum 2 days to get the vehicle back to shape. They gave the date of delivery as 7th jan, however verbally they told me that it should be ready by 6th Jan evening itself. I could see my entire trip getting ruined. I went back to my hotel in a local bus as there was no dropping facility available. I requested the company to at least arrange for an alternate vehicle, but even after making repeated requests, they said that the best they can do is arrange for a Maruti Swift. Finding no alternative, I had to hire a 7 seater rental vehicle @ 3500/- per day as it was high season and there was a shortage of vehicles. We had to miss many tourist attractions like Dudhsagar Falls as the rental vehicle was given for local use only. Anyhow, we managed to carry on with our trip with a heavy heart and waited for 7th Jan for our XUV to return. But to my utmost surprise, I received a call from company expert on 7th Jan around 12 pm saying that they have not been able to find the error ! and asked me to wait for another day. I had to make emergency arrangement for stay for all the people along with transportation. I got an SMS from Company saying that my vehicle shall be delivered on 8th Jan around 4 p.m. we checked out of hotel next day i.e on 8th Jan, and when I asked about the status, only reply that I got was that there was something wrong with the engine and they are still trying to figure out the problem. It may require another day or two. This was so much disgusting. We were supposed to reach Patiala on 12th Jan for an important family function (Lohri Function of my niece). I got in touch with senior management of the company and Mr. Swapnil the area manager said that he was personally monitoring the situation and it should not take long. I trusted the company and waited for another day. However on 9th Jan, I made around 6 calls to the service manager Rahul K, and also to area manager and when they responded by afternoon, all they could say is that they are trying their best. I had no choice. We all were being held hostage without any fault of ours. Finally on 10th Jan, Mr. Swapnil informed that there is a huge list of parts that have to be replaced and he is arranging for them. I could not afford to extend my stay that long as I was supposed to reach Patiala on 12th by all means and we had small children with us who had to attend school on 13th. I tried to search for air tickets but the best option that we could get was on the morning of 12th Jan. We had to purchase 7 tickets on premium price. We had to make arrangements for stay and transportation till 12th Jan meaning that an extra expenditure of 5 days starting from 7th Jan, not to mention the amount of harassment that we all had to face. Finally on 11th Jan, I received the vehicle at 6.30 P.m. I had to ask my father in law (a retired senior citizen) to get the car back as it would take 4 more days to reach Patiala and we all could not afford to travel by road for obvious reasons. On 12th Jan, we all left by air with a heavy heart and a ruined trip. But the ordeal did not end even here. My father in law started from Goa at 8 am and within an hour, the same problem of loss of pick-up started to appear again. Our phones were switched off as we were in flight and he somehow managed to get in touch with area manager again and was asked to take the vehicle to Kohlapur Service Centre. They have done some patch-work, which I am still apprehensive may not last long. Now the question is that… will Mahindra have the guts to take the responsibility of the entire blunder ? Will Mahindra have to guts to compensate for the entire financial loss that I had to suffer ? (not to mention the emotional ordeal). The only option left with me is to approach the consumer court and let’s hope the justice prevails ! In the end I would like to request all readers, not to trust Indian companies and prefer established brands. And do take a feedback from existing customers before making any decision. Dr. Sameer Modi 7 Preet Nagar, Lower Mall, Patiala 91538-00001
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  • W8 AWD (Diesel)

    Xuv 500 is best car

    Syed samad pasha Sep 21, 2018 05:04 PM
    Mahindra xuv 500 is very comfort and stylish car in low cost and it can run very fast without shaking. I think xuv is the largest selling car in the year 2015. So i recommende the xuv thoes who are planning to buy the car in the range of 12 -20 lakhs. Thanks.
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  • W9 (Diesel)

    Poor manufacturing of premium brand xuv500 w8

    Senthilkumar Sep 18, 2018 03:47 PM
    I have bought mahindra's premium brand xuv 500 w8 new vehicle an year ago. My car gets oxidated in numerous spots and so mahindra inspected and informed me to replace the body and shell for my new car. As a mahindra's valued customer I'm informed to use the poor manufactured vehicle with the fullest pride. Also I have to bear the devaluing of my vehicle due to fault manufacturing. Soon will see them legally.
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  • W10 AWD AT (Diesel)

    Cheaters. Do not buy xuv500

    Dr. Deepika kadam Sep 16, 2018 01:18 PM
    DO NOT BUY Xuv500. They are cheaters! The fake people you would ever find. I have such a bad experience. My husband took the top model xuv500 W10 on 15th August 2017. Just when we started taking it out of the showroom the handle of the back seat came out! This clearly shows the PDI was not done properly. Then came the first servicing after 1000kms in 15 days when the vehicle started making some noise. The first service was done at 1605 kms on 7th September 2017. And then on 17th September 2017 my daughter went to daund taking my mother-in-law and father-in-law who are patients to some doctor. While going there the car starting heating up when the AC was on! As there were my in-laws who were not well my daughter tried to reach there with just a speed of 40. When tried contacting the mahindra road side assistant, they started asking the chasi number, color of the car, registration number and all questions that weren't valid at that time. Just the number of the vehicle and name of the owner is enough what I feel. They said leave the car there and a cab will arrive, which might take 1 hour. And then when my daughter contacted the technical person, he said open the bonet and see if the coolant is there or not. So then she see's the coolant was not there! So now here is the question, when on 7th September 2017 the servicing was done, was the coolant not checked?? Wasn't the PDI DONE? If the coolant gets over in 10 days,with 300kms is this our mistake?? And now when there was no option in daund for service the technical person sakharam told my daughter to put water in the coolant tank, which she did. When she came back to pune and gave the vehicle for servicing on Monday 18th September 2017 the company still can't find where the coolant is going, and what's the problem. And today we got a call saying there is something wrong that we can't find out and if there is something that needs to be changed you have to PAY for that! So now my question is I bought a new vehicle for 21 lac rupees and drive it for less than 2000 kms and company says that's my problem the coolant is leaking or whatever. I have been cheated with a faulty vehicle! And the staff is so rude. They say we can't do anything. It's been emotionally such a big disappointment and sadness. Investing in and trusting mahindra was the biggest mistake of my life. Please do not buy anything from mahindra they are cheat!
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  • G AT (Petrol)

    Good one but fuel consmption is high

    Dr. Subrata Mitra Sep 11, 2018 04:09 PM
    I parched XUV500 (G-AT Petrol) from Royal Motors Kolkata on April 2018, and already I have driven the car several thousand km as well. Overall it’s a good one subject to interior, exterior, comfort, performance and control, but Fuel Consumption is High as within the city 6-7 km and on the highway 8-9 km only, which is simply unexpected. Conversely, I must say Mahindra authority has to be more careful and serious regarding the training issue to their technicians of respective service center for this almost new arrival “Automatic Transmission with Petrol (G-AT)” version car. During the first service after 1000 km I realized this issue closely, and most of them confessed that till now they are not well trained on G-AT Petrol version. However, client satisfaction also depends on subject to getting expert & smooth services onward indeed, and Mahindra authority should mind it professionally & cordially. Finally company can re-think about little bit fabrication/ beautification of both silencer pipes in rear side as reputed/ branded SUV carried on usually.
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  • W8 AWD (Diesel)

    Interior is very poor quality

    PARESH THAKKER Sep 09, 2018 07:11 PM
    I have used Maruti, Honda, Hyundai cars, but I have never faced any problem based on interior, ac blower, window problem, cruise control, etc. given by this company. I have used others but I never faced like this problem. By the way headroom is good and comfort is excellent.
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  • W8 FWD (Diesel)

    Overall the car is an average performer

    Huzefa Aug 29, 2018 06:47 PM
    This segment cars must be smooth on the road and extra comfortable as it runs under suv models . But this car XUV500 has very rigid and tough seeming suspensions. Very cheap grade plastic quality compared to other Models running under SUV category.
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  • W10 FWD (Diesel)

    By 2000 Km within 10 days.

    PRAVEEN Aug 24, 2018 08:11 AM
    Have been using xuv 500 w10 FWD for 10 days. driven 2000 km. By end of day 2 itself i driven xuv 500 for 1000 Km. It was so comfort and luxury. Mileage was good. 14.5 Kmpl in city and 16 to 18 kmpl in Highways. Pick up was great and even when i drove at above 100 km , i felt like driving at 50 -60 kmph. Cruise control was great at 120 kmph. At 10 - 20 ---feel was good. At 20 - 40 --- good At 40 - 60 --- feel was very good feel At 60 - 100 --- feel was superb Above 100 --- feel was Awesome, Luxury feel. By day 3 !st free serviced is done. Mahindra service was good. Pros : 1)Angled corner lights 2)Lots of charging points, speakers and AC vents. 3)Microhybrid: Microhybrid feature stops engine if it is idle for a few seconds and starts it automatically when it gets a sense that driver is planning to move. Saves lots of fuel, particularly in city drive. 4)Loads of storage boxes. Till now i did not get any problems. Cons : 1)Blind spot from the side pillars. you must be careful at the turn. Especially right turn. Blind spot because of large side pillars and it is present mostly in all XUVs.
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  • W11 (O) AWD (Diesel)

    I have lost my New Age Mahindra Xuv500 W10 AWD.

    Andrew Aug 19, 2018 02:11 PM
    I have lost my new age Mahindra Xuv500 W10 AWD i have purchased from (APEX MOTOR Showrooms in DIMAPUR NAGALAND) in 2015 i went to service center( APEX MOTOR ) DIMAPUR NAGALAND to plz help me how to trace it to get the exact location of my car as it's has a inbuilt GPS Navigation system but they told me that we cannot trace it i said why as GPS is already there they said this tracking system is not available i told them if they find my car or give the exact locatuon of where my car is i said i give Rs.1 lakhs as a reward but the can so plz help what to do as my car has been stolen i have lodged a F.I.R IN police station so plz plz help me u can contact me in given no below.. My name: ANDREW N YEPTHOMI Mobile no: 7005429298 and 8413078752 My car Mahindra Xuv500 W10 AWD RC no is: NL O7H 0429 Engine no: HJF4D24509 Chassis no:MA1YU4HJUF6E14716
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  • G AT (Petrol)

    Very nice and my dream

    Anil Gudnenavar Jun 17, 2018 12:35 PM
    Nice and my dream compart
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  • W7 AT (Diesel)

    Awesome suv with cheetah design

    Shyam sunil Jun 16, 2018 11:24 AM
    Actually i have a xuv w6 amt xuv 500.. im very happy with its performance and features
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  • W11 (O) AWD AT (Diesel)

    This cheeta is ready to give shot and value for money

    Aaryan Jun 08, 2018 10:42 PM
    This cheeta has got 3 generation and the now the top variant is fully loaded with features - electric seats , electric sunroof , daytime running LEDs and many more features. This car has a new 10 spoke alloy wheels with 18 inch tires , new electric sunroof and electric seats . This car steering wheel is light in weight but the ride comfort can be more comfortable if it's suspension is more softer but However this car is value for money and fully loaded with features and u will never feel disappointed
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  • Not comfortable and worse look

    Rajesh Kumar Nov 14, 2017 10:13 AM
    Cheap look and not comfortable
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  • W10 FWD (Diesel)

    Value for money

    MONIR KHAMBATI Nov 13, 2017 10:27 PM
    I have bought a W10 version and am very happy with the performance and overall quality of the car. The features, and cabin space and road experience is superb. I will definitely recommend it for the price which I feel gives more value than the competitor suv's in the segment ..
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  • W10 FWD AT (Diesel)

    Best in class SUV/XUV

    Harshal Deore Nov 04, 2017 09:57 AM
    It's value for money which change my mind of auto transmissions, it's pickup is awesome and can make the driver happy. You won't realize when it reaches 100+ kmph just small touch on accelerator and it's boom boom with great pick up. I am more than happy to drive diesel SUV/XUV as I used to use patrol SUV/XUV. Mahindra has made it with proven advance technology. Safety wise its too good with curtain airbags and value for money. All features including sun roof in this class with price it's best. Full marks to Mahindra. But only problem is with sales and service in Pune, you are too be very cautious and has to reach to GM or area sales manager to get your XUV500 serviced properly, in my first servicing they just spray the water no washing at all I doubt whether they check anything or not but I am sure they didn't check anything as it starts vibrating more as I never felt any vibration before servicing. I would like to request mahindra to look into servicing area where your brand is not having a potential of rating 1 I would prefer to give rating in minus.
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  • W8 FWD (Diesel)

    High maintenance car

    Rajeev Jul 04, 2017 12:16 AM
    Buy a motorcycle but not this vehicle.. Use less. Poor brakes; love pick up; poor bushes suspension..
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  • W10 AWD (Diesel)

    best carunder 25 lakhs, tough competitor to fortuner

    Ativeer Sangwan Jun 20, 2017 10:53 PM
    this is the best car under 20 lakhs it gives 40 world class features if u wan to compare it with fortune and endeavor or tucson, it will give them a tough competition. this car is better than fortune and innovate crysta.
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  • W10 FWD (Diesel)

    My Son Dream XUV W10 Purple

    Pradeep BV Apr 25, 2017 02:27 PM
    i got this XUV on my bday for my Son, we all loved this XUV and its become our family member. i have got the new update Eco blue sense which is good innovation from M&M. few techinical glinch are there were M&M have to work and increase the benchmark :)
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  • Keys are CHEAPEST in quality, taking few months to get new keys also very expensive

    saji Feb 19, 2017 02:55 PM
    I am not using my Mahindra XUV since December 2016 due to keys are damaged, The quality of the keys are cheapest in the industry, very expensive for replacement and takes many months The excuses they are saying is 1, The keys are coming from Pune 2, They send the keys with large parcels 3, They need to check details take ages don't expect good service after sales ''DISAPPOINTING''
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  • XUV5OO W10 First SUV

    Pradeep BV Jan 19, 2017 04:54 PM
    i have enjoyed the car driving for last 6 months and i liked it. you get the confidence when you drive in highway and also inside city
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  • Best Car In 15-20 lacs segment.

    Ajinkya Jaywant Mane Oct 13, 2016 02:00 PM
    Using it from 2 yrs now 89000 km driven now major issues or complications yet, very happy with it.
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