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  • HTX Plus AT Diesel (Diesel)

    opaque booking system

    Booked two models around 8 weeks back. No update on booking yet either by Company or by Dealers. Dealer's don't even pick up phone when following up. Tried cancelling my orders. The system gives you a message saying Cancellation accepted, but even after many days no refund and the system still shows the booking. Exasperated!!! Plus performance reviews are also not that great
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  • HTX Diesel (Diesel)

    Perfect by many means

    Dr Prasad Dongargaonkar
    I brought seltos htx one week back.This is my 6 th car following innova crysta,xuv500,duster,Honda city and dzire.I can safely say that this is best overall car in this price range at present. Seltos is near perfect vehicle by many angles. It's design is fantastic,looks are fantastic,features are fantastic, refinement is excellent,NVH levels are superb,ride quality is superb and easily comparable to my innova crysta,diesel manual mileage is excellent,seat comfort is superb. Back seat of this vehicle occupies 3 people comfortably.Boot space has enough space for luggage of five people for a short trip. I drove this vehicle on really ugly Bhokar-Nanded road of maharashtra(bad is very mild word for this road at present,i think) ,and I can assure you that ,this vehicle has one of the best ride quality which can be easily comparable to my innova crysta in terms of ride quality. Seltos is breeze to drive.I drove petrol GT line also for short distance,and it is also a great varrient to own.You can go for either varrients as per your needs and choice.Both varrients are great. Diesel is giving me 17 kmpl overall at present for 60% highway and 40% city drive with AC 100% on. I hope,Mileage will definitely increase after second service(oil change) to 19 Kmpl overall. Smart air purifier with perfume diffuser is a added advantage. AC is powerful and works fantastically. In my opinion,At present,there is no competitor for seltos,when it comes to overall package. So friends,who are in two minds,JUST GO FOR THIS VEHICLE BLINDLY.YOU CAN PURCHASE ANY VARRIENT DEPENDING UPON YOUR NEEDS,AND I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT,MOST OF YOU WILL BE VERY PLEASED TO OWN THIS VEHICLE.
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  • HTX Plus Diesel (Diesel)

    Isnt this a non sense to call a SUV

    An SUV with 1.5l engine is not a SUV. OK for India, most people never understand performance, stability, sturdiness, safety, 4WD etc. So until people are less aware of cars these kind of korean toys will be a hot cake.
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  • Excellent experience

    Mohd Shoaib
    Very good experience of driving kia slots, earlier I have Hyundai creta now I feel good as a buyer of seltos
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  • HTK Plus Petrol (Petrol)

    eye wash....only show no performance

    I received the car on 5th September from JSP KIA (singasandra) after series of following up and putting up with their excuses. After driving 500 km the car broke down in the middle of the road..being new in India they do not have great road side assistance and we struggled that night. from the time the car was towed till today not a single person called to apologise, I wrote to every email possible. We had to take the car back today, however as a customer I dont feel acknowledged also for the way we were treated today its horrible.. We paid through our nose and after one month car breaking down is unacceptable..we have all the images etc..highly irresponsible behaviour from KIA.
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  • Poor software and staring trubble

    Parashurama Melgiri
    Very bad experience with kia seltose staring trubble happens from purchase day to still today .No good software installed in kia seltose.No good service in service station .Already I have given add in olx .So, please don't purchase this car.????????????
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  • GTX AT Petrol (Petrol)

    My new seltos 7dct gtx plus

    Myhome jewel apartment
    I bought new kia top end petrol automatic little disappointed with hill hold as it is not holding in slopes vehicle tends to move where’s my polo gt stays there.other vehicle which Iam using.not suitable for rough roads u will feel the bumps, Mileage good 12 in city condition Mild lag while driving good 360 degree camera 400kms driven in city traffic till now
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  • A great all-rounder

    Shubham Jain
    Kia has debuted in indian car market by launching a great car ...seltos though based upon Hyundai creta..yet many steps ahead of tech comfort styling ride and handling.... Though I think mileage could be a negative .. but who cares.'s a great car...
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  • This SUV will rock the Indian market and will bethe best sel

    This suv will be the best selling suv in India till the date And will drop 70persent sale of best selling suv as creta by hundai And most of the sale will drop of other company also After one year this suv will get prize of the best selling suv in India
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  • HTK Petrol (Petrol)

    Value for money

    The car is excellent on features and safety, best value for money...
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  • HTX AT Petrol (Petrol)

    Zero support from sale

    Kalyan Sahoo
    We have booked htx ivt petrol by giving a booking amount ..After receiving money the salesman Mr Hatakishore from central kia bhubaneshwar is not receiving our call ... Hr said that our vehicle will be delivered on 25 oct 2019 but now he is denying and not answering my call.. No call for proper delivery date... Is customer is facing problem while purchasing than what support will this mew brand will give later
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  • HTK Plus AT Diesel (Diesel)

    Worst customer experience

    Ritesh S
    I booked Kia seltos on Sep 7 with a delivery commitment before Diwali. I never got any response from the dealer. After a rigorous followup manager told your car will be delivered in Dec. What!!! Why they are booking orders if they are not able to deliver. Finally I ended up cancelling the booking thinking if customer service is like this before sales how would it be after sales. Highly disappointed.
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  • HTK Petrol (Petrol)

    Not worth for prise

    I booked this automatic GT petrol after test drive of manually petrol not satisfied for comfort & driving experience is very poor today launch of rate is very highly competitive like other best options like MG Tata harrier .today I cancelled my booking of Kia seltos .
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