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Jeep Compass Price

Ex-showroom 15,60,000
Insurance 79,734
RTO Amount 1,95,000
TCS 15,600
Est On-Road Price* 18.5 Lakh
Ex-showroom 15,99,000
Insurance 81,489
RTO Amount 1,99,875
TCS 15,990
Est On-Road Price* 18.96 Lakh
Ex-showroom 18,90,000
Insurance 94,584
RTO Amount 2,36,250
TCS 18,900
Est On-Road Price* 22.4 Lakh
Ex-showroom 19,96,000
Insurance 99,354
RTO Amount 2,49,500
TCS 19,960
Est On-Road Price* 23.65 Lakh
Ex-showroom 20,55,000
Insurance 1,02,009
RTO Amount 2,56,875
TCS 20,550
Est On-Road Price* 24.34 Lakh
Ex-showroom 20,70,000
Insurance 1,02,684
RTO Amount 2,58,750
TCS 20,700
Est On-Road Price* 24.52 Lakh
Ex-showroom 21,67,000
Insurance 1,07,049
RTO Amount 2,70,875
TCS 21,670
Est On-Road Price* 25.67 Lakh
Ex-showroom 16,61,000
Insurance 99,050
RTO Amount 2,07,625
TCS 16,610
Est On-Road Price* 19.84 Lakh
Ex-showroom 16,99,000
Insurance 1,00,760
RTO Amount 2,12,375
TCS 16,990
Est On-Road Price* 20.29 Lakh
Ex-showroom 17,53,000
Insurance 1,03,190
RTO Amount 2,19,125
TCS 17,530
Est On-Road Price* 20.93 Lakh
Ex-showroom 18,03,000
Insurance 1,05,440
RTO Amount 2,25,375
TCS 18,030
Est On-Road Price* 21.52 Lakh
Ex-showroom 18,88,000
Insurance 1,09,265
RTO Amount 2,36,000
TCS 18,880
Est On-Road Price* 22.52 Lakh
Ex-showroom 19,73,000
Insurance 1,13,090
RTO Amount 2,46,625
TCS 19,730
Est On-Road Price* 23.52 Lakh
Ex-showroom 20,22,000
Insurance 1,15,295
RTO Amount 2,52,750
TCS 20,220
Est On-Road Price* 24.1 Lakh
Ex-showroom 20,36,300
Insurance 1,15,938
RTO Amount 2,54,537
TCS 20,363
Est On-Road Price* 24.27 Lakh
Ex-showroom 21,33,000
Insurance 1,20,289
RTO Amount 2,66,625
TCS 21,330
Est On-Road Price* 25.41 Lakh
Ex-showroom 21,51,000
Insurance 1,21,100
RTO Amount 2,68,875
TCS 21,510
Est On-Road Price* 25.62 Lakh
Ex-showroom 21,96,000
Insurance 1,23,125
RTO Amount 2,74,500
TCS 21,960
Est On-Road Price* 26.16 Lakh
Ex-showroom 21,99,000
Insurance 1,23,260
RTO Amount 2,74,875
TCS 21,990
Est On-Road Price* 26.19 Lakh
Ex-showroom 22,14,000
Insurance 1,23,935
RTO Amount 2,76,750
TCS 22,140
Est On-Road Price* 26.37 Lakh
Ex-showroom 23,11,000
Insurance 1,28,300
RTO Amount 2,88,875
TCS 23,110
Est On-Road Price* 27.51 Lakh
Ex-showroom 24,99,000
Insurance 1,36,760
RTO Amount 3,12,375
TCS 24,990
Est On-Road Price* 29.73 Lakh
Ex-showroom 26,80,000
Insurance 1,44,905
RTO Amount 3,35,000
TCS 26,800
Est On-Road Price* 31.87 Lakh
Ex-showroom 27,60,000
Insurance 1,48,505
RTO Amount 3,45,000
TCS 27,600
Est On-Road Price* 32.81 Lakh

Jeep Compass Preview

Jeep has launched the Compass SUV in India at a starting price of Rs. 14.95 lakh. The 2017 Compass SUV has been built on the stretched version of the Small Wide 4x4 architecture and will borrow design cues from Grand Cherokee. Taking inspiration from Cherokee in terms of design both inside and outside, the Compass SUV gets similar provisions as seen on the premium model. Under the skin, it gets 2.0 litre turbo diesel and 1.4 litre multiair petrol motors, with a choice of 7-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox. The petrol versions get front wheel drivetrains while the diesel gets an AWD drivetrain. Jeep has just nailed with the Compass prices in India and the SUV is going to give strong competition to the likes of Hyundai Tucson and Mahindra XUV500.

Jeep Compass Exterior

Jeep Compass Review 827x510 61497264767

In terms of design, it takes inspiration from Grand Cherokee and is referred to as the baby-grand Cherokee. Dimensionally, it is 4.4 meters long, slightly longer than the Renegade SUV. Besides, it comes with a ground clearance of 221mm.

Jeep Compass Interior

Jeep Compass Review 827x510 71497264505

Jeep Compass cabin also mirrors Grand Cherokee in terms of styling, sporting dual-tone finish and premium quality material. In terms of tech, it gets a bunch of provisions like premium leather seats, 7-inch information display with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, keyless entry with passive go, capless fuel system, power tailgate and a glass sunroof. Besides, the SUV gets 50 safety and security provisions including adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist etc.

Jeep Compass Engine Specification & Transmission

Jeep Compass Engine 1.4l Multiair Petrol  2.0l Multijet II Diesel
Displacement 1956 CC 1368 CC
Max Power 161 bhp @ 5500 rpm 171 bhp @ 3750 rpm
Peak Torque 250 Nm @ 2500-4000 rpm 350 Nm @ 1750-2500 rpm
Transmission 6-Speed MT/ 7-Speed DCT 6-Speed MT
Fuel Efficiency 14.3 km/l /14.1 km/l 17.1 km/l / 16.3 km/l

Jeep Compass Competition

In the entry-level SUV space, the 2017 Jeep Compass SU V goes up against the likes of Hyundai Tucson and Mahindra XUV500.

Jeep Compass Mileage

14.3 Kmpl
39%better mileage than other SUV

Jeep Compass Reviews

Jeep Compass Petrol Automatic Review

Jeep Compass Petrol Automatic Review

The petrol and diesel Jeep Compass look identical of course. And the same holds true for the interior save for the auto gearshift! Read Jeep Compass Review in Detail

Jeep Compass vs Tata Hexa: Comparison Review

Jeep Compass vs Tata Hexa: Comparison Review

Tata Hexa is a full-blooded SUV, it's bigger than the Compass, in every manner, and looks butch and imposing. The Jeep Compass is stylish, essentially a scaled down version of the Grand Cherokee, something you'll stop to give a second look to. And we pit them against each other to find the one true winner. Read Jeep Compass Review in Detail

Jeep Compass Diesel SUV Review

Jeep Compass Diesel SUV Review

A compass is an instrument that has helped early explorers find worlds they did not think existed, and that's exactly the message Jeep Compass is trying to deliver in India. So, read on to know if the iconic American automaker has got the balance right with its most affordable offering. Read Jeep Compass Review in Detail

Jeep Compass Exclusive First Drive: Promising Compact SUV For India

Jeep Compass Exclusive First Drive: Promising Compact SUV For India

In our exclusive review, we drive the Jeep Compass and find out if this SUV ticks all the right boxes. Read Jeep Compass Review in Detail

nice car luxry and stylish

Nice car awesome very stylish

A buyer's test-drive evaluation of Jeep compass and a comparison with Hyundai Creta

I have been very fond of the Jeep brand and was looking forward to buying one. But something shocked me during the test drive. I am evaluating petrol automatic compact SUVs. It takes good reasons to demotivate someone who is already half-sold on the vehicle. Read on to learn why. I am only writing about few key points that might be otherwise non-obvious. Hill Climb Ability: I tried to drive the vehicle up our apartment's ramp with 4 other people with me in the car. The car could not climb the ramp unless I maintained a good speed on my way up. The hill assist feature didn't let it slide back, but the car simply stayed at the same place. I finally had take it fully down on reverse and climb at a good speed. I tried this multiple time with the same result. The sales guy told me that it this is expected behaviour and I should either climb at a good speed for the automatic transmission to manage the climb. This was shocking for me. Imagine what would happen if you are in a position where you can't maintain that speed or can't go back if you stop midway. So much to all the safety talk about the car. To make sure that I am not expecting something wrong, I tried a Creta on the same ramp with 5 people on board. I could climb the ramp at any speed; I could even stop completely in between and the car could again climb from there. This is something basic I would expect. So, please try this out before you buy. BTW, on paper, both the torque and BHP of compass looks much better than Creta, but the real performance was a shocker. Honestly, for me, this was the deal breaker. I would also like to mention that the automatic transmission took a fair couple of seconds to move the car when I had to start it at a traffic signal on a sloping road - I got honked by the vehicle behind me. I didn't find this problem in Creta. Sitting comfort: The suspensions of Compass are far better than that of Creta. Compass was much smoother on a bad road. Both cars have similar feeling of space inside. But the front seat of Creta has slightly more space below - if you stretch your legs from the back seat, you are marginally less likely to touch the bottom of the front seat in a Creta. But the rear middle seat of Compass is much more comfortable than in Creta. The plastic used inside Creta is really bad - it is so hard that it hurts your elbows when the elbows touch the door. And Creta doesn't give you the option of door padding in Petrol Automatic, even if you pay for it; door padding comes only in diesel manual. On the contrary, the plastic used in Compass doors and dashboard is soft plastic which is quite nice. BTW, Creta's petrol automatic version doesn't come with leather seats, but you can get it for an additional cost. However, the quality of leather in Compass seats felt quite good, and getting such good leather seats in Creta will cost you a descent additional amount. Air conditioning: Compass's air conditioning felt weaker than Creta's. Note that I tried Compass Limited without a sunroof, and Creta SX AT 2018 facelift version that comes with sunroof. If you want to go for the Compass Limited Plus model which has a panaromic sunroof, expect it to be much hotter as the entire roof is of glass with a cloth-like thin screen underneath. Creta's sunroof is smaller (and I think wiser for Indian heat) and comes with a hard insulating sliding cover below which cuts of the heat fairly well. Hope these points help you in your decision making.

Body painting was not in proper

I have purchased a Jeep, chassis No. 4008121/MCAAJPCY1JFA08729AH just two weeks back took the delivery in Kochi,.... in the front door was little damaged and re painted even while taking the delivery...which was noticed one of my friend who was standing little away from the vehicle during delivery...but we could not able to make out when we both comes near to the vehicle ...... After a week they call me for rectify the Air bag complaints which is the part of their recalling activities, ...during this visit I have highlighted about the problem of the shade in the front door....then their technical staff informed that this door was repainted by some one and their is clear indication....but it is not happen from their end..according to them..also they trying to highlight that it could happen from my end.. when I informed that it was noticed even before delivery....but the great dealer was not at all agreeing their mistakes .....not only that they says..even it is happen from their end they will paint it which no one can notice... Major safety measure like Air bag issue they have noticed only after the delivery, but they try to argue with me on their on mistakes.... so I want the concert people to look in to this matter, even the CCTV in their yard or service aria can give clear picture and try to find out the truth......this incident was upset to please care full before you take delivery...they are not worth to trust......

After Sales Service

I test drove the car, it gives you really good feel and confidence. It absorbs bad road very well and is a sturdy vehicle. The only reason for me not booking the vehicle is there is no news on MOPAR. There is no communication on spare parts availability and after sales service. This is a fantastic product, but if there is no after sales support I would prefer Creta. If Tucson reduces the price, then there is high chance of it eating Jeep share considering no good Jeep Network in India. Jeep has got fantastic product in Indian Market and it is sure to give wake up call to Hyundai, Mahindra, Renault and Tata. But one thing taking me back from buying this vehicle is what would be the situation after 3 months from date of I bought the vehicle (which is service and spares, high way assistance). 20 Lakhs is not small amount. Jeep should instill confidence by advertising on MOPAR as well. Number of service center opened and cities and areas it is operating. It should not be situation like less service center and more of Jeep on road. Question would be quality of service provided.

Jeep Compass Petrol AT

Dear All, I bought Jeep compass Petrol AT in Dec 2017, until today I have faced many problems in the vehicle. I also wants to hear/know that if other people are also facing. Issues identified: 1. Car bulit is strong, but finishing at some areas is third grade and literally pathatic. 2. Milage which I am getting most recent 12. Feb 2018 is below 8 KMPL (Claimed is 12 KMPL). 3. Music system response is slow and until today it hanged at least 7-8 times. Even you turn off the Car completely still music system is sometines on for 8-10 mins. Service technicians checked it a month ago and found nothing wrong ;) I am just loosing my confidence on Jeep Compass India, this is pathetic response and Service from Jeep. I do not see any proper and effective response from JEEP. Ripunjay Rathaur
All Jeep Compass User Reviews (35)

User Reviews

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Jeep Compass Key Features

Parkview Rear Back-up Camera with Dynamic Grid

Parkview Rear Back-up Camera with Dynamic Grid

Reverse in and out of your parking space safely. This system brings previously hidden rear objects to your attention, either on-screen or with an audible warning, giving enough time to react.

Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof

Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof

The class-leading Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof enhances the sense of spaciousness and floods the cabin with natural light. With its power sunshade, it lets you gaze at the sky, all day long.

Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth

Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth

The Jeep Compass Trailhawk connects to Bluetooth-compatible smartphones and allows you to safely send, reply to, or listen to a text, take or make phone calls, use voice commands to select music stations, set cabin temperatures, and more while keeping both the hands on the wheel.

9-Speed Diesel Automatic

9-Speed Diesel Automatic

The class-leading 9-Speed Diesel Automatic ensures effortless gear shifts and seamless power delivery. The gearbox houses a host of shorter, mid-range gears that ensure short transitions between gears for smooth and virtually unnoticeable conversions.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

With Electronic Parking Brake, you can customise the Auto Apply feature which adds an additional measure of safety, setting the Trailhawk to automatically apply EPB on parking or in the “key off” position.

 Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Coordinating with Electronic Roll Mitigation, Hill Start Assist, Antilock Brake System, and all-speed grip control, this feature sends them into action when needed, keeping you safely in the drive line.

Jeep Compass Specifications

Engine CC 1956/1368 cc
Mileage 14.1 - 17.1 Kmpl
Max Power 171/161/170 bhp
Max Torque 350/250 Nm
Fuel Petrol/ Diesel
Transmission Manual/ Automatic
Length/Width/Height 4398/1818/1657 mm
Kerb Weight 1537/1641Kg
Boot Space 438 mm

Jeep Compass Features

  • Parkview Rear Back-up Camera with Dynamic Grid

  • Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof

  • Integrated Voice Command with Bluetooth

  • All-black Interior with Red Accents

  • 9-Speed Diesel Automatic

  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

  • Child Safety Lock

  • Keyless Entry

Book Test Drive for Jeep Compass

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Jeep Compass Comparison

Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass
(On-Road Price New Delhi)
1956 CC
171 bhp
14.3 Kmpl

Tata Nexon EV

(On-Road Price New Delhi)
127 bhp@ rpm

Volkswagen T-Roc

(On-Road Price New Delhi)


(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Mahindra Scorpio

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Hyundai Creta

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Nissan Terrano

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Kia Seltos

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Mahindra Thar

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

Honda BR-V

(On-Road Price New Delhi)

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