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  • S Diesel (Diesel)

    Part Failures and Rusting in Doors, fuel tank lid

    C A Khan
    I bought Honda BRV 2 years back and completed 51000 kms. Performance is good but there are serious issues in sheet metal of the car. It started rusting heavily in rear doors both sides, fuel tank lid etc. Apart from this window glass drive failed in left rear position which is beyond repair and costing approximately 6500 rupees. Last week, front left tyre stud / bolt also got free. Which is very dangerous from safety point of view. It took more than 2 hours to replace the tyre due to this problem.
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  • Best car for a family of 7 to 8.

    Excellent driving comfort. Happy to move around with family.Excellent road grip and gives a feel of driving confidence.I think till date its a much underrated one by others who actually don't own it.Looks also is very good with a forward stance.Fuel efficiency for diesel model in actual riding conditions in city is 18.5 to 19.5 and in highway around 20.An excellent comfortable option for a fimily of 7 to 8 with even self driving as you won't feel like driving a bigger car because of its excellent maneuver ability.Overall Excellent.
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  • VX Petrol (Petrol)

    I love my Honda

    We regularly go on long road trips and we hardly feel tired.We travel with my aged parents and they too don't feel any fatigue after the journey.We did the right thing buying it for our family.Love Honda.
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  • a WOW car with 3 years unlimited warranty.

    bhushan rai
    i bought the BRV for my wife a month back. everything is worth every penny (and worth more actually) but the performance in the steep inclines of the hilly region requires a frequent change in gear from the 2nd to the 1st even wen the car occupancy is just three people. one can forget that the 3rd gear exists once you start experiencing the twists n turns of the mountainous region even if the tarmac is smooth. may be its due to the size of the car, the AC takes a bit too long to cool down but myself being a Hill guy, I say that one should definately buy this car in this price bracket.
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  • S Diesel (Diesel)

    My cutie SUV....????

    Ashwin Rathore
    I owned car since 1 year and love driving brv. It's a good car cum SUV , more versatile,more practical, genuine 7 seater, good ground clearance, best in class mileage ( 17 in city and 20 above on highways with ac), excellent road handling, car like drive, overall satisfied with my car. Only 2 things I dislike : 1) width of car is less as compared to Ertiga. 2) engine noise (Diesel) So if these 2 things gets attention then definitely It will become more popular.
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  • S Diesel (Diesel)

    Splendid and all in one in Honda BRV

    Surendra Singh Parihar
    I bought this car last year in Oct 2017 and experience sharing with readers after drove my splendid SUV upto 11000 Km. Before I have three cars and after bought it I got all whaterver expected by owner of ideal car. This is best segment in this price besides of comfort, driveability and econemy. I got 22 KMPL during trip of Haridwar of 1200Km Buyers of car will enjoying after possess this splendid segment of Honda
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  • A Top class mini-SUV from Honda, esp the automatic

    Was a tough choice to buy the Honda BRV Automatic vis- a-vis the Hyundai Creta and the Nissan Terrano, both of which have automatic versions. The Creta was better looking, more masculine SUV like, The Terrano had good performance I had the good fortune of being able to drive each of the 3 cars for 1 week each, as the dealer was a friend Most of us who take test rides know how useless they are in making a rational decision. I am so glad I took the decision as the experience after 3 months of driving is one of great satisfaction. The 7 seats are eminently usable. 2 adults comfortably sit on the 3rd, and 3 kids. If I have to find a fault, it would be that the accessories are minimal, lack a proper touch screen music system, no leather seats. I did splurge on that count and got a top of the line Blaupunkt ICE (in car entertainment) system with FOCAL speakers + put STANLEY leather covers and the experience has been electric. I spent approx 1.5 L additional. however a decent touch screen ICE system from JVC or Sony (30K) and higher quality artificial leather covers (approx 15-20K), would be superb to bring it to the level of interior that Creta or Terrano offers. On that count, it would be been nice if HONDA themselves offered these addons, as they do for the CRV or the Accord. The ride quality, the suspensions. the climate control Aircon, the engine performance, stability (with 1 driver as well as 7 pax) is incredible. At the 1st servicing, had an oppo to compare notes with 6 to 7 BRV owners who were there for the same as well and was glad to note that all of them were extremely happy with their decision. All in all, a superb mini SUV from Honda, its hugely popular in Indonesia, Thailand and SG.. I cannot understand why it does not have better market share in India. Maybe the cost conscious issue. The Maruti Breeza which seems to be selling like hot cakes is simply no comparison.
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    • 09-Oct-17 02:12 PM
      Dear Jaideep as plan to buy Honda BRV Please specify Blaupunkt ICE model number you opted and FOCAL speakers details thanks in advance regards Arjun
  • VX Diesel (Diesel)

    More value for money and sensible buy

    Now the car makes lot more sense with reverse parking camera and sensor and 7 inch touch infotainment system coming factory fitted, and during the festival offer honda fest, BRV VX MT is cheaper than Hyundai Creta SX+ by 1.5 lakhs and with this addition has same features. Plus you get a reliable honda with 7 seats or 690 lt boot when 3rd row folded (which i prefer).
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  • Best Buy 7 seater in India

    Bharat Shinde
    I boughtt pre-owned 2017 BRV (6.8 k KM) after some market research. Got delivery a evening before Diwali 2018. Next day early morning I took a trip with family to Indore from Mumbai. My family is used to Honda Odyssey and bit spoiled due to that space, felt comfortable in the compact version (without the car seats my daughters had a restriction free zone). The elder one who always complains about car travel was at ease by taking the ownership of last (3rd) seat and converting that to a comfortable bed. My drive was effortless, comfortable and relaxed (yes I got a petrol CVT) just the complains that at the road from Mumbai to Dhulia is filled with too many speed breakers in a fashion that you can never maintain speed. There are many things that I observed in the BRV like the cabin filter is excellent even if the trucks are fuming black diesel all around you (specially in traffic jams & ghat sections), you don’t even feel any impact of that inside the cabin, the ride is very smooth even on considerable rough surfaces, the engine has excellent pickup in steep and acute turns of the Kasara Ghat. The cabin is very silent. At times the high ground clearance really helps as I had to be bit worried while driving Honda City. Yes I will definitely welcome more safety features in this car like curtain airbag, bit more space width wise at least. More iOS compatible/ apple car play electronic that matches the current global standard in CVT version.
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  • V Diesel (Diesel)

    BRV-Best in class Family Car Redefined

    Rajiv K
    It's an excellent family car with stylish exterior and interior. Gives a feeling of SUV due to its Good driveability and responsive powertrain. Decent Mileage. Highly underrated by people inspite of it being notch above its other 7 seater peers. Could have been better if Infotainment system incl. GPS would be upgraded especially for V and higher versions.
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  • V Diesel (Diesel)

    Comfortable SUV

    I drove all cars of SUV category covering Eco, Duster, Brezza, Creta and finally BRV. BRV was last because it was not primary choice. But BRV gave great pickup and worked best at low RPMs. The pickup/breaking/overtaking is smooth at low and high speed. Diesel version behaves like any other petrol car, thats why I picked up it despite some missing features from even the top model. Added AVN, armrest and spoiler to make it suitable to my choice and done. Mileage is 22 city, 24 highway. City-ride is very comfortable. AC is quick. Rear seats provide great advantages by providing flexibility as per your need. Have driven 2000 km.
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