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  • Drum Brake (Petrol)

    Best indian family 150cc bike.

    Ayush Thakur Mar 13, 2019 10:53 PM
    Engine is so smooth seats are comfortable. I3s technology make it smart and cool. Led lamps, stand indicator and many more feature are available in this bikes.
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  • Disc Brake (Petrol)

    Hero Achiever Review

    MOHAMMAD ANJUM Mar 07, 2019 01:30 PM
    Purchased it in the month of July 17. Getting mileage of 55 kmpl with Premium Fuel( Petrol) after proper tuning(courtesy to Youtube). Plastic body parts are of average quality. Parts are relatively cheaper compare to other brands.Comfortable seating with pillion.. After free service( Pathetic Service done by service provider- Vinline Baguihati), this bike is self serviced; courtesy to Youtube and other online forum... Only thing, I am not happy is rear wheel and I can feel vibration( machine) once the speed goes up 65 kmph. Otherwise, for city ride; its among the best category given its price.
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  • Disc Brake (Petrol)

    Very poor performance.... Not satisfied

    Anirban Feb 24, 2019 07:05 PM
    I purchased the bije 1 year ago..... Rear tyre is not wide, only 80mm .... three times It skids even at 30 kmph speed.... Plastic quality is also very poor...... Mileage is 35-40 at city..... Braking is also not good..... Less resale value.... Parts not available....... I am totally disappointed with this bike..... Earlier I have used super splendor for 8 years which is better than this bike..... My suggestion..... Please don't buy this bike....
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    • 15 days ago
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  • Worst Bike

    satyendra Feb 24, 2019 06:57 PM
    Engine work in 6 months of purchase.One month after this engine again started leakage. poor service. learned a difficult lesson of life "don't get carried away by pseudo patriotism and get robbed by Indian manufacturer, purchase from professional manufacturers who build quality products and give good after sales service" even if it is not Indian company.
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  • Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel (Petrol)

    absolutely good as a city commuter bike

    amarjot Feb 24, 2019 06:55 PM
    very decent as a city commuter two wheeler gives you the old maxim even in these times...the fill it forget it drive at your convenience .attitude love its perky accelleration at 5000 rpm and decent speed bursts when rewuired fully satisfied with it.
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  • Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel (Petrol)

    Bike is skids off in turns

    sheriff Feb 21, 2019 11:15 AM
    I took the bike on Jan and pretty much unsatisfied with it. since the bike skidss off in turning while brake is applied at lower speed. lost my confidence in driving. I have been driving bikes for quiet a long time mostly hero honda passion pro. Trusting the same experience i wanted to take another bike and took hero acheiver. well after i took the bike i realised that it was not hero honda any more but just hero which solely is banking on customers of hero honda to sell their hero bikes. Not sure if the bike has been tested properly or its my way of driving is wrong. but if it was my way of driving then even passion pro should skid while i try to take a turn at low speed and apply brakes. Informed to hero customer care as well as took the bike to service center twice before my first service. the resolution they provided me was to check the air pressure every 3 days since its tubeless so blah blah blah... I could just say that i am pretty much dissappointed and i cant do anything now other than to drive causiously and avoid the bike as much as possible. :( i had also get this feeling that the bike rear tyre size is smaller compared to the weight of the bike. so please if the sales guy says this bike is similar to unicorn, i suggest u to take unicorn itself rather than taking a copy of it.
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  • Drum Brake (Petrol)

    Best Family Bike in 150 CC

    S Kumar Feb 21, 2019 07:33 AM
    Purchased on 08 Jan 18. 1st serviceing done 2 days before. So review is based on before servicing. Daily average utilisation of bike is around 25 kms and riding not more than a speed of 50 kms per hour. Getting 51.4 kms average with Petrol premium. Plastic body parts are average quality. Engine smooth running. Sitting position is good as I am a 6" 2 toll. Comfortable seating with pillion.
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  • Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel (Petrol)

    Excellent 150 cc bike

    Umesh Dec 25, 2018 10:43 PM
    Super comfort and great acceleration are the main plus points.
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