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  • 1.2P Titanium Plus MT (Petrol)

    Manufacturing defect Engineering fault (Airbag was not opened during accident

    My complains is about Manufacturing defect Engineering fault (Airbag was not opened during accident). Few months back I was driving my new Ford figo Aspire titanium + (that just buy on same day at approximately 11:00 Hours) near my residence, Gujarat. That evening I started driving my car after buckle up seat belt and my car speed was around 60 - 70 KMPH and suddenly one animal (pig) came in front of my car to save that animal I directed my car in opposite direction of animal and then suddenly I found a light pole at that place so to save myself and my car I directed my car in opposite direction of light pole and it resulted in misbalanced of my car and then after car jumped towards off road slippery place, on that time and my car hit the rough surface at approx. 180 degree from its front wheels (car turned over from engine bonnet to roof of car) and then rolled by sideways 2-3 times. During this accident the impact was directly on front side little bit away from driver side, resulting in damage of body of car and headlight of that same side then also the air bag system didn't worked. I was lucky enough that after being failure of your technology I was safe. Personally this was a life-threatening tragically moment for me. Flying pieces of glasses was around all over my body but luckily they didn't cause any damage to me. The only reason I chose Ford figo Aspire is its modern technology but it was not up-to my satisfactory level. After this major accident I had conversations with the team of ford in CARGO FORD showroom, Gandhidham, Gujarat and also it was discussed with your representative on 18004192500 and their reply was me to, that for air bags to work there must be major impact; during the time of accident the car was almost total damaged; then what type of impact you are expecting for air bags system to work !!! You must take a look on the images that I am attaching with and with this I believe that it would be good if you modify all your technology used in car. Or else all lead to your kind and impartial decision. Suffering: After this major accident I suffered socially, emotionally and psychologically. In society including my residence as well as in my work place I feel guilty as I informed all that my car is occupied by 6 air bags but at the most time it didn't work and obviously I paid for it by becoming a focus point of discussion in negative way. As per Company manual and instruction guideline booklet available at ford service center, Gandhidham it's clearly written that the front airbags active only in frontal and near frontal crashes (not rollovers, side impacts or rear impacts unless the crash causes sufficient longitudinal deceleration. The design of the driver safety belt pretensioner is to activate in frontal and near-frontal crashes so please refer this picture and by your kind knowledge take impartial decision.
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  • A family sedan with premium looks

    Best car to have in compact sedan segment. Aggressive looks with better 3 box proportion as compared to other rivals. Styling and comfort are the turn ons. I am getting a decent mileage of 16 km/l in city. After sales support is great too.
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  • Better Price with Milage

    If New Aspire can come with very aggressive pricing of less than Amaze but all the bells n wizzle of Freestyle, then can beat as if we look ???? Petrol version is hot selling segments in this range n Aspire was truly lacking a good engine with better mileage, Price with quality can kill its competitors,
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  • 1.5D Titanium Plus MT (Diesel)

    Best compact sedan in the indian car market - Rated by User/Consumer

    I am using this car from the last 5 months and i found it best compact sedan under 10 lakh in indian car market ( tdci titanium + MT ) interms of price, features, performance, safety, comfort, mileage, service, ease of driving, dynamics, behaviour in city and in highways, in city , ease of driving is comparable to honday city petrol . highway , its dynamics, power, pickup are comparable to fiat linea. Mileage is around 14-16kmpl in city and around 23 kmpl ( 80 to 110 kmph ) and 20kmpl ( 110 to 150kmph ) . fantastic steering to hold and dynamics, predictability is excellent. ford service is improving and pps ford bangalore, comparable to now to maruthi/hyundai. space is good, comfort is good , styling is ok ,could be better with modern tech elements like projectors, DRLs etc. OVerall, best balanced car interms of Price Vs Performance Vs Features Vs Safety.Vs Mileage.
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  • 1.5D Trend MT (Diesel)

    im big happy buy this car...

    Harmanpreet Singh
    aspire is good. under budget car
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  • Ford Aspire car - Worth For money

    Good car with decent Mileage. Pickup is a little concern for me other than that it is an awesome car and worth for money.
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