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  • T(O)-0.8L (Petrol)

    No reliability -Waste of money-Owner of Datsun redigo T(o)

    Elavazhagan Shanmugam6
    No reliability -Waste of money-Will save lump-sum in maintenance if you go with maruthi or suzuki Good inside space and small car. On 16,000 kms clutch wire got cut in highway ,service history is the proof I have. Some how I managed to save my family in the express highway,during clutch wire cut. Vechile electronic system failure and didn't start mid of the highway.Towed and serviced. After 20,000 kms mileage drop from 16 to 11 km. In highway it gives around 19 km/l. After 22,000 kms A/C system failed totally. Poor service on nissan showrooms,they don't have spares in the service center,will take 2 -3 days to replace any parts .Every time I visit service center I really miss maruthi's service and customer experience. Still having guts to waste your money in this car.Buy it and experience inconvenience. Never belive this car and take your family for long trip and end up in trouble. Due to financial crisis I am unbale to change my car now to maruthi or suzuki. Will definitely change my car ASAP.
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  • Sasta aur mast car

    Sagar surpure
    Hi, Mileage of the car is good on highways car gives me above 23 mileage with speed of 70 to 80 in mileage is about 18 it's comfortable car for 5 people's yet no maintenance for me. Ride quality is good. But on peak sometimes engine lags while AC on suspension is also good comfortable in city driving.
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  • T (Petrol)

    Beauty on the road

    Amazing looking small car with a tall body and premium looks. Datsun went long way to give it a perfectly appealing shape. Compare it with segment leader Alto, and it's going to be for sure a winner. Build quality is very good. Doors are heavy unlike the Alto. Ground clearance is top notch. Only bad is plastics inside are a bit flimsy, which could be excused considering the price. Go ahead and buy!
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  • A (Petrol)

    Very nice good looking car

    Value for money car in this price range far far better than Alto, Nissan has good service center in Agra
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  • Cletch cable is very poor

    Roy George
    I brought a new redi go ,car was good .suddenly I got a problem that my cletch cable broken and I didn't get the parts any where,I approach to the showroom but no benefits for us.
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  • S-1.0L (Petrol)

    Unmatchable vehicle

    The vehicle that deceives the customer. With less than 3200 km running, you will not be able to mileage. Mileage is just 18km in High way. Starting Truble, and full Tank Fuel will go out. I'm not satisfied with this vehicle.
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  • T(O)-1.0L (Petrol)

    Smart and Stylish city car

    Shibu Chakraborty
    Datsun’s third offering in India was pitched as an urban crossover called redi Go. We also voted it as our choice for the second car that we will be using in addition to the tried and tested master – Alto 800. After taking delivery of our Redi Go in ruby red colour we started our journey back home from the Ritu Nissan Datsun showroom located near Hiranandani Estate, Thane. We had decided to take the route via Mulund Airoli link road that would then pass via the Thane Belapur road, then Mahape Shil Road and finally Kalyan Shil Road to reach Palava city where we reside. Though this route has two tolls, it was our preferred route as the drive is through highway and several flyovers with road conditions being pretty good. As we sojourned our drive, the first task was to fill some petrol since we were to drive for about 35 km through the above route. Datsun Redi Go houses a 28L petrol tank on the right hand side. The first few minutes while driving the car made me a bit nervous since I have been used to only driving our Alto800 since the last four years. After the Redi Go test drive about three weeks ago, this was my first major drive across the city roads. This variant houses the 1.0L iSAT engine and though it is much more refined as reviewed by experts when compared to the 800cc model, there has been a lot of discussion on the engine’s capabilities at relatively lower rpm levels. My focus too remained on similar lines as I was constantly trying to hear the engine and read its response when starting from idle, creeping the Redi Go at bumper to bumper traffic and while on the climb. The refinement level is relatively good though but it does shudder a bit and even the co-passenger on the front seat can see the dashboard vibrating at the start unless we apply a little throttle and hear the peculiar sneezing noise of the engine at the start. Once it starts cruising, the ride quality and feedback is really a pleasure from an entry level A segment car. I too felt that it is best to drive the car at a little less than 2000 rpm. Around the corners and turns, a bit of body roll due to its tall boy structure is also experienced but still not enough to scare and maintain a decent speed. Reversing the car is also an unique experience since it needs a lever below the gear knob to be pulled up whilst slotting it at extreme left top past the first gear. When the gear knob is returned to neutral, the lever automatically comes down and while it is in this position, we move to the standard first gear. Few issues related to ergonomics are worth mentioning. Due to the high stance driving, the driver has to reach down while using the parking brake. Same happens when trying to close or open the glass through the power window buttons which are located too far ahead. The left and right turn indicator arrows are not very clearly visible when driving under bright sun light. Leaving these issues aside, the bright spots include better cabin space, head space and decent features like central locking, child safety lock door and relatively sound suspension. The clutch is really very light and engages early, while the acceleration is extremely responsive to light throttle push. A tight turning radius also is a boon during U turns. The overall experience of driving the RediGo for the first time at length was at the end enjoyable. As I spend more time with it, the handling and manoeuvrability is bound to improve.
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  • T(O) 0.8L -Limited Edition (Petrol)

    Totally Waste of money

    Dhirendra Pratap Singh
    Car body noise is very irritate, performance are not good, service center support from Zedex Nissan are very bed, many issues are not resolved ( body noise, suspension, staring lock , front door noise ,front seat noise, clutch noise) we have many time visited service center my car also cover in warranty but do not resolved my problem till now, so please don't purchase Dutasan Nissan car waste of money.
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  • Very Happy to ride this car...

    R Rajaram Mohan
    + Handling is very smooth.. Puck up is very good.. Very comfortable for long drive.. Mileage AC also good.. good ground clearance for village roads.. Go for Redi Go.. its value for money.. - Door locking not satisfied.. need to give little pressure..
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  • Hi Redi go gold

    Ashu d
    Gud experience with Datsun Redi go Handling very smooth as compare to alto,kwid etc turning radius superb mileage also gud but little mishappy with comfortness remaining goods sporty looks classic styles
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  • T(O)-0.8L (Petrol)

    Redigo needs roll back these variants

    Shalini suman
    Three areas of problems.. 1.sound in engine like disel jeep 2.power steering is not good.. 3.smoothness in driving is area of challenge Go for eon or maruti alto k10
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  • T(O)-0.8L (Petrol)

    Better option available in the market

    Too noisy. Always problem with brakes and clutch. heating problem. Fibre chamber.
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  • Bed sarvis in Jaipur

    Service centre bekar service deta hai
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  • Nice low cost car

    People with small budget can purchase the car. Nice and low cost good car.
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  • S-0.8L (Petrol)

    very comfort dream car

    i m very much happy with this car.
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