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  • Lack of management, meaningless customer service

    Booking made on 23rd Oct 2019 and today is 5th Feb 2020 but still I am waiting for my bike even after so much of follow up. It is also observed as well as confirmed by the dealership that customers who made booking after me have received bike and I have not received since I was not there in their FIFO list. I don't know why I was not there in their FIFO list since I had already visited showroom and shared my online booking details with them on 2nd November. Not even this I even visited them on 31th December to check on the delivery status on which they said they will call back.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Pricing in Bangalore

    Anantha Karanth
    In Bangalore showroom the pricing shown is 2.39 lakhs. But online in these websites it shows 2.05 lakhs on road. Bit confused with the pricing, why it's so high in Bangalore?
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  • Expensive

    Vineet Anand
    Planning to Buy, bit confused now?. Below are some of my Concerns. Request U all to suggest. I am from Chennai 1. Only 2 dealers in Chennai (As per Information Over Net). Not Sure how much Time it will take for delivery & If I buy, how much time I need to spend when I need to get the Bike Service. 2. Insurance is Expensive. As Compare to Thunderbird 350X it's Just Double. 3. If need to make selection Between Benelli & Thunderbird 350X which to Follow. Please advise. Also I am considering Jawa42. Rgd's
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    • 06-Jan-20 10:09 AM
      Hi, my advise is opt for Thunderbird 350x. As Benelli is an Italian company, service cost, spare parts availability are on question. Number of dealers are also less. You have to come and go to service center leave and get back your bike in MTC bus. You cannot trust the local technician as the bike is designed in Italy. My advise is choose between Yamaha, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, RE. In the last place Suzuki, as they are slowly increasing the dealership.
  • Impressive!

    I have booked this motorcycle in Pune. Delivery is expected in about 75 days per the dealership. I had the opportunity to go on a short test ride, and found this motorcycle to be impressive. I also own a RE Classic 350. The Imperiale is similar, except there are no vibrations. The exhaust note is a growl rather than the thump on the Classic. The Imperiale feels more planted and powerful. Although it is heavier than the Classic 350, it does not feel heavy once you start riding it. It has several modern features such as a fuel gauge, gear indicator and trip meter. The salesman also pointed out that the motorcycle will not start if the side stand is down, which I think is a very good safety feature. It has five gears, but unlike the Classic 350, there is no heel toe shifter. You have to shift with your toes only. All in all, I think Benelli has a winner on it's hands.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Good pick up but felt heat on thigh after a short ride

    Today I test ride its pick up the speed very fast , but switching gear is not smooth , it has low torque you might be stall during traffic jam , i do not like the pillion seat looks like small and pillion foot peg is not great . It's turning radius is big .it's has kind of no vibration good instrument console you can see which gear you are I like that , but i felt heat on my thigh . I think handle bar can be adjusted i felt like little leaning not straight, its onroad price is mors than 40k RE classic 350
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  • STD (Petrol)

    I doubted about engin heat ????

    KV Subi Alamkode
    Today i had a test drive and i feel good on this bike, but only one confussion or fear about the engine in heat, just 500 meter i ride but i feel heavy heat in my leg. Anyone feel the same? Apart from this i really like this bike.
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  • Miles better than Classic 350

    Since, the time i heard about this bike. It made me curious. Recently i went for the test Ride and believe me it is far better than classic 300. It is far much better than classic in terms of handling, build quality, riding experience, no vibrations, has a wonderful sound, looks are great. The company is coming up with showrooms and service centers all across the country and expanding. I think this will create its own segment in retro bikes.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Worst service and customer support

    shavik kanduku
    No proper service centers or customer service . Request not to buy it now
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  • ????

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  • Interest

    Sushil Rana
    As Royal Enfield bullet 350 and JAWA 42 and Imperiale 400 bikes especially "thunders" in India these three are arch rivals however it compelled the manufacturer to get their product more competitive and ... And so customers have delima to choose among . However they are getting choice of many thunders ...Imperiale 400 is good enough to satisfy oneself...
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  • First ride

    It's very good bike so silent engine not like Royal enfield vibrate the bike Benelli has beat Royal enfield,this bike looks cool I've booked for 60 day they come to my garage super cool bike...
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Value for money cruiser

    Already booked and test rode too. Previously I owned royal enfield classic 350 gun metal Grey. Little concern over after sales service. But I believe imperiale 400 will impress a lot more persons like me. Even though royal enfield launching new classic 400cc with double cradle frame, borrowing interceptor single cylinder bla bla bla, it will going to vibrate after 100km/h for sure. Because the twin cylinder interceptor itself vibrates when they crosses 120km/h. So how come the single cylinder engine interceptor engine will going to more refined. Wait and watch the magic of royal enfield.
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