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  • never think of purchase Aprilia if I need one more scooty

    I have purchased April is SR150 in December 2018. I m fed up with it has many on road problems 1. Starting problems. I could not start my scooty in one go, neighter before going to my office nor before returning from my office. 2. The scooty has very poor balance if you are driving with a ride. 3. Beware while driving it's engine can stop working anytime in the middle of the Traffic. 4. Not to say about service center in Kolkata, you are bound to miss your office. Ajay, Kolkata
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  • Am aprilia user

    Mohammmed ali
    Be aware its a 150 cc horse dont expect platina milege and it has a different noice its made like that I seen many complain about sound and as far as pikup and grip am satisfied far my city drive
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  • Complaint

    Mohammed Shahid mv
    The mileage is too short , From the ABS breaking system there is a sound producing when it is applied
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Moto Scooter

    This is the only crossover Scooter in the Indian market currently available. It's gives a feeling of a bike and is convenient as a Scooter.14 inch wheels takes on Bad roads smoothly.The new 2018/19 model has digital meter, adjustable shock absorber and Tubeless tires from Mrf. Very good and comfortable ride with nice road grip. Morning self start needs choke because headlights starts automatically. The Looks and design of the Scooter is simply awesome. This is a premium Scooter with 150 & 125cc option.
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  • STD (Petrol)


    Chirag vishwanath
    I bought a brand new aprilla 150 used it for a week or so hence did a mileage test, therefore the results are 20kmpl. I rode the bike on a full tank making a total of 107km, after refill of the tank of 5.51ltr got a figure of 20kmpl which is very bad but the power and the ride quality is especially
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  • Very good experience one year in 20000 km.

    Devarajan s
    Maintenance services are verygood . Make 2017 model . Company may allowed ABS breaking system at free of cost.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Need for Speed

    Vinayaka A
    I have been riding past 2 years. Vehicle is too good. Pickup is awesome. Build quality is very good. This can take any 150 CC bike head on. Those who are looking for mileage then please give pass for this vehicle. Maintenance is very low.
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  • Race [2018] (Petrol)

    need to maintain garage

    never start self after one week of buy. additional sounds will come after first service; and dont know how to repair it by service centers also. need to change wheel after 1000 km run.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    best available scooter in INDIAN market

    Price - 86k includes side stand and mirrors(on road) Pros: 1. good for long rides 2. Pickup is too good 3. Disc break at front is really useful 4. mileage about 30 In city traffic Cons: 1.mirrors are useless due to height 2. Luggage space is very less. Even a full helmet can’t fit
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  • Carbon Special Edition (Petrol)

    wonderful scooter 150cc king

    Hari haran
    Summary Great power Insane stability for a scooter Stiff suspension Average milage When i drove it for the first time it felt like a bike such great low end pick up settling till 80kmph no problem the suspension is super stiff( stiffer than duke) but you have blame the bad roads too for the cause on plain roads this bike handles like a nimble duke 200 and brakes are wonderful too great feedback from both sides though the bhp is lower than other 150 this does have a lot of torque at low end great for city to semi Highway traveling would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to avoid gear shifting and can bare the stiff suspension (Don't get me wrong it's not a share auto you just feel all the bumps which is something most will hate)
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Just another honest review :3

    The only good thing about this bike is its pick up and speed and control is good undoubtedly but over all for a middle class guy its **** loads of problems people cant sit properly on the back less space unless a thin guy sits and i had battery problems from the starting 2 months ... went for a replacement gave another **** battery and thats also ****ed up the company battery only last 1-2 years they say And spare parts gets damaged soon had some problems with light getting on and horn broke like around 4 times and side stands got blocked for unknowm reasons and replacements pricey parts :3 demn man unless youre rich dont go for it felt like youll be a racer but finally became a loser :3 even the workshop people gave me these pity stares looking at me coming for so many times when i didnt know what to do i regret tho buying this bike just a plastic lump with good pick up and speed thats it thats the only thing you'll see but see the background of the bike too just saying my honest experince of owning this bike since 2yrs no offence to any of those riders who love their bike i was also like them tho.... until all the maintenance stuff happened and abuses happened for my poor selection :3 ...... :|
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  • Pathetic Suspension. Broke my back. Taking physiotherapy.

    Mukesh Sabde
    1. Sinhgad Road showroom Pune was trying to sell me the scratched product. They had good planning of this by showing me the bike in the evening low light. Rejected the product and asked for another one. 2. Pathetic suspension. This bike gave me life time Back pain. I'm taking the physiotherapy currently. Worst bike for them whose work is in sitting position for more than 6-7hr. 3. Look is good. Very good pickup. Average is little low but thats fine as it is 150cc. 4* for only looks n performance. 4. Worst experience in the showroom every time. I stopped servicing from the showroom even few free servicing were left and started servicing with local mechanics. 5. Pros: style, look, pickup, compact. Cons: Suspensions(pathetic), Average (32)-that's not bad for me. Service charges becomes little high bcz of complicated internal design like wirings n settings, it takes much time of mechanic which force them to charge more money which results in higher servicing charges.
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  • Race [2018] (Petrol)

    No road grip

    For small wheels needs road grip is very important. Filed in that.
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  • Worst????????????????

    I'm not ride 9000 tire is gone waste all ACCICORIES aa very worst waste of money anyone dont waste your money. Very worst quality in all parts. Plz don't buy aprilia. No mileage just 25
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