#GLAadventure Explores The Isolated Capital Of Myanmar - Naypyidaw

Published On:September 6, 2016 | Duration: 21 min, 07 sec
Team #GLAadventure reaches the capital city of Myanmar, Naypyidaw, which is famous for its 20 lanes highway and vast, lonely roads. According to the grapevine, these magnificent boulevards were built to enable aircrafts to land on, in the event of anti-government protests or other disturbances. Post this apocalyptic experience, the team heads towards Bagan, which is known as the Valley of Temples, it is one of the world's greatest Archeological sites and is home to the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas. After exploring Bagan, next on #GLAadventure's itinerary is the Irrawaddy River cruise. The #GLAadventure journey continues with Ishan going to Mandalay and coming across one of the oldest bridges in the world, the U-Bein Bridge.
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