#GLAadventure Travelogue: The 10 Best Skylines In The World


One of the distinct features that define a city and its character is its skyline. Neil deGrasse Tyson once said, “In a city with lots of skyscrapers, lots of skyline, the moon seems bigger than it is. It’s called the moon illusion.”

As a drive that has covered over 20 countries for close to a year, spanning nearly 40,000 kilometres, #GLAadventure did come across some of the best skylines in the world; here is a selection of top 10 skylines of the drive.

#Location 1: New York, United States of America

Probably the most well-known and recognisable skylines in the world – with almost 6,000 high rise buildings, NYC skyline is truly special. It is also said that by 2020, New York City is going to boast of 12 different buildings that stretch taller than 1000 feet.

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#Location 2: Las Vegas, United States of America

The entertainment capital of the world basically has got everything! It has all of New York City, a pyramid, a giant hot air balloon – in short, Las Vegas has taken some of the best skylines in the world and put these on one giant, neon-lit str, making it the most unique and creative cityscape on this list.

Just in case you didn’t know – the Las Vegas strip is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space.

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#Location 3: Sydney, Australia

Sydney, the largest city in Australia, home to some 1,168 completed high-rise buildings that makes this city one of the best places around the world in terms of skylines.

The world famous white landmark – Sydney Opera House contrasts perfectly with the blue waters of Sydney Harbour and is quite impressi. The cadre of skyscrapers behind it plus the long arc of the Sydney Harbour bridge makes Sydney, at least in #GLAadventure’s opinion, the most photogenic skyline in the world.

#GLAadventure’s Journey In The Mighty Sydney

#Location 4: Istanbul, Turkey

The old walled city of Istanbul is one of the most coveted places in the world and one of the most striking things here is its unique skyline. The beautiful minarets still crown the city skies no matter where you look, making it an interesting composition between new and old buildings.

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#Location 5: San Francisco, United States of America

The Coit Tower ♥️ Video by @copterpilot and @chrispzero 🚁

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Want to see some of the world’s iconic architectural landmarks? San Francisco manages to impress even the most experienced travellers with its stunning structures. It is also home to the world famous bridge – the Golden Gate, which sees approximately 120,000 automobiles drive across it daily.

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#Location 6: London, United Kingdom

The City of Dreams – London is filled with some grand monuments and historic structures. #GLAadventure’s recommendation: To get the best panoramic shots, London is the ideal location. From the famous Westminster Palace to London’s very own Buckingham palace, from London Eye to famous museums – there is absolutely nothing a traveller wouldn’t love here!

When here, don’t forget to check out The Millennium Dome, which is the biggest structure of its kind in the world, so big that it can even fit the Great Pyramids of Giza. The structure is some 365 metres in diameter; and 52 metres high in the middle.

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#Location 7: Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and is also the center for foreign trade. This place makes it to #GLAadventure’s list because of the fact that it is only here one will get to see some of the best minarets.
This skyline will offers the right mix of clear view of the sky view with few tall, beautiful minarets.

#GLAadventure’s Day Out In Casablanca

#Location 8: Paris, France

What’s not to love about the love city – Paris! It’s a big city with some 12 million people and still counting. Paris doesn’t have the kind of skyscrapers you might expect but still has one of the world’s most distinctive skylines. Most of the buildings here aren’t more than five or six stories tall. But still the skyline of Paris is unique in so many ways – all thanks to the exclusive profiles of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Sacre Couer.

Location 9: Panama City, Panama

Panama City is like mini Miami and Dubai of Central America. With towering modern skyscrapers that shoot out of the ground along the Pacific coast, this place is the most modern and affluent place in Central America.

#GLAadventure’s recommendation – to get the best view of the skyline, you should see this place at night.

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#Location 10: Frankfurt, Germany

Glinting with glass, steel and concrete skyscrapers, Frankfurt-on-the-Main is unlike any other German city. It is very well known for its skyscrapers, having two of tallest skyscrapers in the European Union, the Commerzbank Tower and the Messeturm. It is the most important financial centre of the European continent as well and is home to one of world’s largest stock exchanges and to the European Central Bank.

Not to forget it is the largest city in the German state of Hesse and the fifth-largest city in Germany. This place is also a global hub for commerce, culture, education, tourism and traffic.
#GLAadventure’s view: Frankfurt is an unexpectedly traditional and charming city, if you love to eat with a fancy view – Frankfurt is the ideal place.

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