Great OverLand Adventure: Meet the Drivers

Over the next couple of months, these six men will put the made-in-India GLA to a realistic endurance test as it would undertake the epic road trip traversing across varied geographies and climate across the globe.

Siddharth with GLA 3

Siddharth Vinayak Patankar
Editor-Auto & Head of Automobile Programming, NDTV
Director, World Car Awards
Member of Steering Committee

Siddharth Vinayak Patankar is a broadcast business journalist and news anchor in India. He is currently an Editor with NDTV. His expertise lies in the international automobile industry. He is as well known for his work, as his style charisma on air. He is associated with well watched shows on the NDTV network like The Car Bike Show, Another Ferrari Summer, Autobahn, Love Life Lamborghini.

Balakrishnan _ Ishaan at MB workshop

PS Balakrishnan
Assistant Editor, NDTV Auto 

Balakrishnan (Bala) is an experienced broadcast journalist, currently a Senior Special Correspondent with NDTV. While his current focus is the network’s automobile programming, Bala has over 12 years of business reporting experience. His previous responsibilities at NDTV include being lead IT correspondent, and also reporting on corporate developments from Bangalore. Now Bala bides his time reviewing cars and bikes, and also reporting from global auto shows.

evo India - Sirish Chandran

Sirish Chandran
Editor, evo India Magazine
Editorial Director, Project GTO Publishing

Sirish started testing cars and bikes and writing on motorsport at Overdrive magazine right out of engineering college in 2000. Taking over as editor while still in his twenties, he led the foray into the digital and television space, making it the largest automotive media brand in the country.

After 12 years he made a detour into the corporate world as head of press and acting head of marketing at Porsche India, but quickly returned to his calling, founding evo India magazine in 2013.

Sirish has contributed to the Indian editions of Autocar, GQ, Forbes, Forbes Life, Hindustan Times Brunch, Mans World as well as the Sunday Times (UK), Automan (Oman) and Autovina (Vietnam). He is a founding member of the Indian Car of the Year, founding chairman of Indian Motorcycle of the Year, served on the jury of the Overdrive Awards for ten years and most recently conceptualised and executed the country’s first OFF ROAD Awards as well as the first OFF ROAD EXPO.

An active rallyist Sirish won his very first events – the Reliability Trail of the 2004 Raid-de-Himalaya and the Adventure class of the 2005 Desert Storm. In 2010 he debuted in the Indian National Rally Championship and finished second runner up in the Group N class for two years in a row. Two years later he co-founded Team Slideways Industries that went on to win the team championship with Sirish taking the debut victory for the VW Polo in India.

autoX - Dhruv Behl

Dhruv Behl
Editor, autoX Magazine

Dhruv founded autoX in 2006 with little clue of what lay ahead. Driven by a passion for anything on four wheels and a stubborn will to succeed, he moulded a team as pig-headed as him to create a medium that could adequately communicate the magnificence of the automobile to an unsuspecting audience. Today, autoX stands for independence, candidness, and objectivity – but, most of all, for heart & soul. And that’s one ingredient that has to come from within. Be warned, however, it is infectious!

autoX - Ishan Raghava

Ishan Raghava
Assistant Editor, autoX Magazine

An assistant editor with autoX, Ishan has great technical and practical knowledge, and his life-long love for cars has seen him devote some of the best years of his youth to perhaps wasteful, yet satisfying, pursuit of his obsession with automobiles. He has worked with lifestyle publishing brands as a freelance / consultant for over 5 years and as a part of the autoX team for 3 years.

evo India - Ouseph Chacko

Ouseph Chacko
Assistant Editor, evo India Magazine

Ouseph Chacko is the Assistant Editor of Evo India. He has been in the business for twelve years and in that time he’s driven pretty much everything under the sun. He’s an adventure junkie and is an avid off-roader, loves getting into difficult situations a big kick out of living to tell the tale.

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