It’s the unknown continent of our planned 6 in a way. Yes that’s what they say about Africa I know. But Australia is an enigma. So little is known about it outside of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or its Great Barrier Reef. We plan to discover Australia to the fullest. Its heart and its soul!

As we embark on yet another magnificent leg of the Great Overland Adventure, I’m filled with excitement once more. And hope. Hope that we find new things, meet great people, see some more spectacular landscape and yes – also get to experience the growing reputation Australia has for its food and wine! Throw in a few kangaroos and koalas and this could be really awesome!

We will spend almost 3 weeks here – beginning our drive in Brisbane. Brisbane is Australia’s 3rd largest city by population and is the capital of the state of Queensland. It sits on the Brisbane River, and has a unique charm and air to it.

I’ve only just arrived and already I can sense the famed Aussie laid back and friendly character. Brisbane personifies that. Warm, smiling, and bursting with energy – it’s rare to say that about a city isn’t it?

We will then make our way south along the eastern seaboard. And while I had wanted to make an east to west dash through the middle, it was a surprise to find there aren’t any such roads really! So you kind of have to hug the coastline and then make go straight north from Southern Australia to get to its heart. Eventually our journey will take us to Perth on the Western side. It’s going to many miles and lots of sun. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons will be changing from autumn to winter as we breeze through May. That will be quite interesting too! The cars are serviced and ready. And I know I’m raring to go too. So, Australia – here we come! So, Australia – here we come!

I've only just arrived and already I can sense the famed Aussie laid back and friendly character. - Siddharth Vinayak Patankar
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