#GLAadventure’s Epic Expedition: The Best Moments In Asia

#GLAadventure is coming home, tell the world! The drive gets underway in the continent, from Singapore with Siddharth Vinayak Patankar and Ishan Raghava as the drivers.

After exploring five continents of this wide world – Europe, Africa, North America, Central America, Australia, it’s time for #GLAadventure to make their way back towards home – India.

Here are the best moments of team #GLAadventure in Asia.

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glaadventure in asia
It is time for #GLAadventure to come home! After an almost-year long endeavor, finally #GLAadventure is winding down to its culmination. From Australia, the car were shipped to Singapore, not only was the paperwork much easier compared to all the legs we have covered till now, but by this way the team got to add in two more countries – Singapore and Malaysia.

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glaadventure asia drive - contest winner
#GLAadventure's 'Join The Drive' contest winner – Roger Lobo gets to travel with the team in Singapore.

The halt in Singapore is for two days, where the team plans to cover Singapore Flyer, magnificent Marina Bay, the iconic Merlion Park, adventurous Sentosa Island and petroheads dream place - Singapore Grand Prix Street Circuit.

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glaadventure at street grand prix circuit 1
The Singapore Grand Prix literally means race which is run on public roads, second highlight of this place is that it’s a night race under the floodlights – This is quite a unique combo and thus it is the only race of its type in Formula 1.

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GLAadventure asia 2
#GLAadventure’s epic road trip manages to achieve another landmark – 40,000 kilometres is done and dusted in Malaysia.

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#GLAadventure Friendship bridge
Myanmar is a left hand drive country so on top of Friendship Bridge the team switches lanes too! #GLAadventure reaches Myanmar after covering some 1000 kilometres in 19 hours driving through Thailand.

This is the last country on ‪#‎GLAadventure’s list before the team brings the Mercs home.

In Picture: #GLAadventure At The Friendship Bridge
20 lane highway
#GLAadventure discovers Naypyidaw, the purpose-built capital of Burma. First stop for the team is ‘The 20 Lane Highway’ which is in front of Myanmar Parliament House.

The scale of everything in this city is unreal and huge. It extends to an estimate of 4,800 square kilometres, which is six times the size of New York City. In front of the parliament there are some 20 lanes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Grapevine has it that these grandiose boulevards were built to enable aircraft to land, in the event of anti-government protests or any other such eventuality.

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best of myanmar glaadventure
#GLAadventure visits the 2,500 years old Shwedagon Pagoda temple in Yangon, which is adorned with some 27 metric tons of gold leaf, along with thousands of diamonds and other gems. Second thing on #GLAadventure’s itinerary in Yangon is the famous elephant coach ride. These are the Chevrolet trucks that the British Army used in Myanmar (Burma) during the colonial rule, these are restored by the Asia Elephant Coach company.

Other highlights of Myanmar journey is Bagan – The valley of temples. Ancient diaries say that there were once 4446 temples over its wide plains but today only around 2200 remain. One of #GLAadventure’s favourites in Bagan is the steep staircase and the Ananda Temple which is famous for its Buddha statues.

Last but not the least, the visit to the local Gurudwara in Monywa which has existed for some 131 years, was truly special. The Gurudwara here was established by the Indian Army in 1885 and still lives on.

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glaadventure asia1
Finally #GLAadventure crosses over from Myanmar to India through the long wood and Iron Bridge. First stop in India for the team is at Moreh, from here the team will go to Imphal and from there say goodbye to the cars.

Home awaits team #GLAadventure!

In Picture: The Final Kilometre Counter Reading At Imphal
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