#GLAadventure Takes On The Mighty Africa

It’s time for #GLAadventure’s African adventures! #GLAadventure is excited about so many things – the road trip, the driving into the sunset, and also the insane logistics involved in a journey of such epic proportions.

The drive gets underway with Ouseph Chacko and Sirish Chandran as the drivers.

day 1 africa glaadventure
At Port of Algeciras in Spain, team Africa takes over – It’s here where the team changed the decals of the cars with the drivers’ name - Ouseph Chacko and Sirish Chandran. From here the team crosses the Strait of Gibraltar to reach Africa on a ferry.

Quick fact: The Strait of Gibraltar divides Europe from Africa and it is here where the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean link with each other.

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sahara desert glaadventure
This is the part that the team was mostexcited about, taking on the mighty Sahara. At Sahara Desert, team #GLAadventure spends a night so as to catch both the sunrise and sunset over the desert, a sight to behold.

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On day 5 and day 6 of #GLAadventure’s African tour, the team explores the much-talked about city of Morocco – Marrakesh.

The team meets one of the last remaining storytellers of Marrakesh. He narrates the story of 6 drivers, who are driving across 6 continents, covering some 60,000 kms and their adventurous journey from Turkey to the dunes of Africa.

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tizi-ntiz pass glaadventure
Tizi nTest is an awe-inspiring pass that crosses the Atlas and connects to Taroudant and Taliouine.

For team #GLAadventure this place is special because of the fact that it is famed to be Morocco’s most difficult, most dangerous road. Fact Check: This road was built by the French in the early twenties, European engineering achieving what was then thought to be an impossible task. They also opened up a trade route that was earlier controlled by the Sultans.

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moroccon sahara glaadventure
For team #GLAadventure this is the best scenic drive, so far! Team drives down to Guelmim because it is the Gateway to the Sahara. There’s this huge gate at the entrance that symbolically marks the start of the great desert.

Laayoune, a place team #GLAadventure will never forget – It’s from here that the team takes detour from the original plan of following the Dakar rally route and heading all the way to Dakar. They cannot go till Dakar because of security and customs clearance issues.

A mere five kilometers derails #GLAadventure’s glorious Dakar plans! As the team drives down to the town of Laayoune - On one side there is Atlantic and on left is Sahara. It is absolutely mind blowing! On day 10 of #GLAadventure’s African tour – the team recreates its own Dakar moments as they drive old Landie in the Western Sahara.

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glaadventure africa casablanca
Casablanca is a petrol head’s dream! This port city and the commercial hub in western Morocco leaves the team impressed. The iconic Rick's Café is also located here. The cafe was designed to recreate the bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the classic movie, Casablanca.

#GLAadventure explores Automobile Restores which is famous for restoring classic cars. The team tries its hands on many famous classic cars like Mercedes-Benz W113, commonly known as the Pagoda and Porsche 356 speedstar.

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October 2, 2015
Adios Africa
africa bye - glaadventure
After 12 days of insane madness and some unforgettable memories, it was time for team Africa to end this leg of the journey and hand over the cars for shipping to the next continent North America. The drive takes a break for the duration that the cars cross over the Atlantic to reach North America for the drive to resume.

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